Darth Vader on the Toilet

Because my head feels stuffed with gutter cotton balls and I can’t type more than three words without having to reach for another tissue, here are some photos of iconic characters doing non-iconic things!

Alphas: Alphaville

It seems like Summer Glau gets tossed into these lame roles in a blatant attempt to get the Whedon crowd to watch. Glau is a good actress; she just gets these poorly written roles. So, when her name pops up in a promo, I roll my eyes.

Super Fashion

This is why I still enjoy fashion magazines (and I mean actual fashion, not “women’s interest” drivel like Cosmo that trades in making women feel like garbage).

Alphas: The Unusual Suspects

I love that Alphas functions entirely within the realm of logic. It’s kind of like a Sherlock Holmes story that way. With a Holmes mystery, everything is there for the reader to put together. Any very observant person with a sharp mind can solve the mystery. It’s just that most of us aren’t as observant […]

Superheroes on HBO

Superheroes as we know them were born from the suffering of the Great Depression. It’s only fitting that in our new Depression, we take on that mantle ourselves.