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    Help Support Rob Kutner’s Shrinkage!

    Rob Kutner is not some dude sitting on his sofa in his tighty whities, pounding out terrible comics with meaty, Cheeto-stained fingers. Previously a writer for The Daily Show with John Stewart and currently a writer on CONAN, Rob Kutner is legit and he needs help getting his comic series out.

  • Carina Perez, Lindsey McDowell, Chelsea Jones, Vyvy Nguyen, and Gabriela Banus
    MisSpelled, A Witchy Webseries

    MisSpelled features a cast of 5 witches that have no clue what they’re doing! This lack of control tends to get them in pretty hot water. Can the girls save themselves and their families from the dark forces out to get them? They don’t know, but they can Google it.

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    Geeks and Science on Your Fingers: Incidental Twin Nail Polish

    Sami Holloway’s label, Incidental Twin, creates fandom-inspired nail colors like “Loki Stole My Feels”, “I’ll Be in My Bunk,” and “Not A Psychopath”. However, my personal favorites are Sami’s science inspired polishes, including colors such as “Marie Curie”, “Tesla”, and “Horse Head Nebula”.

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    Kickstarting The Apocalypse with Diani & Devine

    “We’re raising a lot of money. It’s more than I’ve ever made in a year doing anything, but it’s not a lot with which to make a movie. So, that’s going to be a challenge to get a feature film made on that budget and have it be what we want it to be. But, we’re going to be creative and work fast and dirty.”

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    Healthy & Delicious: Phantom Fuel Bars

    “Phantom FUEL is my line of all-natural granola bars… They’re chewy and delicious, but packed with protein, iron, and fiber that will keep you feeling full a lot longer than you’d think…. There are plenty of fabulous ingredients ….and I use a few of the super-tasty ones to mask all of the super-healthy ones in Phantom FUEL. Everybody wants to eat healthier, but nobody wants to chomp down on something as tasteless as cardboard …And if you can get a bunch of protein and fiber and iron in something that tastes this good, wouldn’t you want to eat it every day??”


  • gilmore girls
    Badland Girls: Rory Gilmore

    This week, Destiny comes back but Rhea’s out for the week, so the former is joined by Matthew Marko, podcaster extraordinaire. Points of interest: How to fix Star Wars, which Disney princess is the best, and Hamilton. So much Hamilton. We also spoil the entirety of Gilmore Girls just for the heck of it! You’ve been warned.

  • merlin and nimue
    Once Upon A Time: Nimue

    I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but it kind of sucks to know as much as I do because, when it comes to simple storytelling, it’s very easy to predict where things are going. For example, as soon as Nimue showed up, I knew she was both Merlin’s love and the first Dark One.

  • nani1
    Character Study: Nani (Lilo & Stitch)

    I’ve always enjoyed Nani as a character and have really grown to appreciate her as I’ve gotten older. … I think that she is a character to be admired.

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    Once Upon A Time: The Broken Kingdom

    Once Upon A Time is the perfect show for half-paying-attention and half-eBay-shopping for whatever strikes my fancy.

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    Crimson Peak: A Daydream from A Bookish Girl’s Diary

    Crimson Peak was written by a 15 year old girl who eats lunch alone in the school library. There’s a goth girl inside her, but the goth accoutrements are beyond her reach because her parents won’t allow it and she’s a nice girl who follows the rules.