2012: Best and Worst

The Dark Knight Rises is my worst movie of 2012. It’s Chris Nolan’s Batman & Robin. But, way less fun. So, it’s more like Batman & Robin AND a cancer diagnosis. Yay!

Passage of Time Test: C.H.U.D.

I kicked. I screamed. I howled. All under the guise of a headache, massively exacerbated by the noisy subway system. People stared! And my poor mother had no idea of the real cause. It was all thanks to C.H.U.D.

Fictional Femmes 2011: The Big Picture

Tackling it one show at a time like I did made me feel pretty hopeful. More wrinkles! Lower concentrations of white people! Hooray! HOWEVER….Looking at them all at once shows something different.

Fictional Femmes 2011: Movies

Having looked at female characters on network (young, mostly white) and cable television (less young, less white), let us now turn our attention to women in 2011;s biggest movie releases.

Movies: Bunraku

I think Bunraku came out of a discussion about who was more badass: Ron Perlman or Clancy Brown.