Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad 008

TRANSCRIPT: Title and establishing shot: Janet at the KwikeePost, picking Lotto numbers. Tulla and Cap return to the squad room with no perp. JANET: What was the call? CAP: Fraudulent Lotto sales at the KwikeePost. TULLA: Scumbag was taking credits and printing out fake tickets.  Making a killing, too. JANET: So, where’s the perp? TULLA: […]

Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad 007

TRANSCRIPT: Title and establishing shot: An old photo. It’s young Cap, Madge, and Tulla wearing medals, smiling. Janet has begun going through the old files to familiarize herself with Grey Squadron. Madge harasses her about being a cyborg. Janet plays along, frustrating the hell out of Madge. MADGE: What the hell are you doing, Moore? […]

Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad 006

TRANSCRIPT: Title and possible establishing shot: cybernetic arms stamped with badge numbers and names, Janet’s is among them. Janet approaches the Captain’s door. Has stopped short, hearing the Captain and his mom talking. MOM (off panel): -in the cell for hours! In my own son’s jurisdiction! Inside the Captain’s office. Mom is standing up, leaning […]

Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad 005

Transcript: SCENE FIVE Title and establishing shot: Madge sitting at her desk, holding up an antique, signed photo of Peter Weller. Janet and Bob are back in the squad room from their call, relaying the events to Madge and Tulla. MADGE: You said it was a hold up. JANET: The caller didn’t express himself well. […]