What is Pink Raygun? I’m trying to write this without using the word “diversity.”

Damn it. I just used it.

Pink Raygun began in February 2007 as a girly place to talk science fiction. Over the years, our audience has grown to include all kinds of geeks from all backgrounds and fandoms. Pink Raygun has as many points of view as it has contributors and readers, brought together by the power of geek.

Pink Raygun offers a platform for geeks, fans, and creators who are traditionally underrepresented in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comics. We are the antidote to the stereotypical fansite.

Every day at Pink Raygun, you’ll find commentary on what’s current in visual and print media, op-eds addressing issues in media and geekdom, and interviews with the women and men behind the geek stuff we love.

I saw a book/movie/tv show/website that could use the Pink Raygun treatment. Who do I tell about it?

You can send the URL to submissions@pinkraygun.com. Or, if you have strong feelings about it that you want to share, you can contact the editors about writing your own piece for PRG. We always welcome and encourage individual points of view.

Can I submit my artwork to the Pink Raygun Gallery?

Artwork submitted to the gallery should incorporate an image of a pink raygun. We will include a link to your website and the bio of your choice.

Can I send my press release to Pink Raygun?

Anyone with news items or upcoming projects should send press releases to submissions@pinkraygun.com.

How can I get Pink Raygun to review my book/ comic book/ other property?

We can’t afford to buy everything out there. If you’d like your property reviewed in Pink Raygun, please provide either physical or digital preview copies. Send an email to submissions@pinkraygun.com with your name, contact information and a synopsis of your property. If you are sending a hard copy, please include this information in your email and we’ll give you the mailing address. Pink Raygun will accept a PDF preview copy as an email attachment.

Creators, please note that while we appreciate your efforts and willingness to provide review copies, we can’t guarantee that we’ll love everything sent in to us because we have a responsibility to our readers. We will always be honest and fair in our reviews.

How do I become a contributor to Pink Raygun?

Take a look around the site and see what other writers have done and to get a feel for the tone. We don’t have a monolithic point of view – there’s a lot of room to be yourself and be personable.

Contact the editorial team at submissions@pinkraygun.com. Include your name and a writing sample. The sample doesn’t need to have been published – it can be an existing blog or a rant off the top of your head. If you already have an idea for a piece, include that idea. We’re a contributor oriented site, so it will be important that you’re able to generate your own ideas.

Who is in charge around here?

Pink Raygun’s management team is comprised of Lisa Fary, Sonia Aurora and John Dallaire.


me again

Lisa Fary – Editor

Lisa Fary is a graduate of the creative writing program at Florida State University and holds an advanced degree in Special Education. Her earliest influences are Princess Leia, Rainbow Bright, Astronaut Barbie, and her 6th grade teacher, Ms. Palmer. Her best friend as a child was an oversized atlas.


Sonia – Editor

Sonia Aurora began writing at 10, wanting to follow in the footsteps of Beverly Cleary. Over the years her influences ranged from Agatha Christie to Sylvia Plath until now where most of the voices in her head are of her own creations. She’s made two short films Dr. Lovestrange; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Bug and A Hollywood Tale, the latter winning the Great Production Value award at the 2012 New Media Film Festival in San Francisco. She finished  filming her superhero short Wonder  which will premiere on PRG in November 2013.

She was commissioned (i.e. paid) to write the feature Marranos for Cosmo Productions after her rewrite of their coming-of-age script My Struggle to Fight, and collaborated with Trading Pictures on an adventure-drama screenplay titled Illegal Transport.  She is planning to tattoo WLAMF on her right arm after her first Hollywood screenplay sale. Follow her on Twitter @saurora510.


John Dallaire – Editor

John Dallaire has over ten years of experience in commercial illustration and graphic design. Currently he works as the colorist for Eric Shanower’s “Age of Bronze,” and as art-monkey on John Zakour’s “Zachary Johnson Adventures”. John loves picking apart movies and saying “poop”.

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