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“Life’s a bitch, now so am I.” – Catwoman

Supernatural: Time After Time

Was there ever a felicity as wonderful as Dean Winchester (aka Jensen Ackles) in a three-piece, tailor-made, measured-to-fit suit? Or how about that grey fedora, setting just low enough to accentuate the cut of his jaw and the fine angles of his aquiline nose?

Fringe: Back to Where You’ve Never Been

I’m sick and tired of ‘Hero of the show, you must die’ “twists”. We all know Olivia isn’t going to die. Or at the very least, our Olivia isn’t going to die.

The Fades: Episode 1

I’m embarrassed to confess that the reason that I even learned about BBC 3’s The Fades was in a small review in Star Magazine that likened it to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer with an English accent.” Regardless of the source, that capper line made it impossible for me not to watch it.

The Vampire Diaries: Our Town

When did all these big bads stop having weaknesses? My husband had the misfortune to be home while the show was on this week. His pointing out that all these vampires walking out in the sun drew my attention to all the other issues (non-issues?) that these creatures no longer have.

The Secret Circle: Fire/Ice

This episode had so many flashes of fun – and fire – that was ruined by the end with Jake showing up. The only redemption for me was that he didn’t talk. But it also means he’s not staying away, and we’ll have to deal with his brand of bad-acting brood for the rest of the season.

Star Trek 700: Where No Man Has Gone Before

I couldn’t help but make the following connection…loudly…while pointing at the TV machine: “HE’S A BABY Q! I DON’T KNOW WHY HIS EYES ARE SILVER, BUT HE’S A BABY Q!”

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