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Pink Raygun’s management team is comprised of Lisa Fary, Libbi Rich, and Juliana Weiss as editors, and John Dallaire as art director.
Lisa Fary is a graduate of the creative writing program at Florida State University and holds an advanced degree in Special Education. Her earliest influences are Princess Leia, Rainbow Bright, Astronaut Barbie, and her 6th grade teacher, Ms. Palmer. Her best friend as a child was an oversized atlas.
Libbi Rich is a middle-aged punk princess; pop culture hound; geekgirl; liberal activist and general shit-stirrer; reader of nanopunk/cyberpunk/comics/ anything-she-can-get-her-hands-on; wife and mom. She holds a B.A. in Journalism and Creative Writing and law degree, with a specialization in Juvenile Criminal Justice. She left her heart in San Francisco, will remain a New Yorker for life, and tolerates her life in suburban Arizona.

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Letters from a Concerned Zombie: Dear GOP Candidates
Specifically, Rick Santorum (hello again, buddy) and Newt Gingrich (This is your first time here. Welcome! Help yourself to some bacon bits. Don’t eat them! Sprinkle them on yourself).
The Vampire Diaries: The Ties That Bind
Everyone had issues. But good lord, do they all need to crop up in the same episode in a manner that caused me to leave for 15 minutes, come back, and not really have missed anything? Bonnie has Mommy issues. Caroline has Daddy issues. Elena has Stefan issues. Tyler has Klaus issues.
Chuck vs The Kept Man
“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Maybe I do want a kid. No wait, kids are scary. No wait, let me smother Sarah with my insecurities!” Man, grow a vagina.

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Being Human: Turn This Mother Out

I think I’m over Josh. I used to find his squirmy insecurity endearing and sort of hot, but he’s become so emo and sullen that I’m getting impatient with him.

Books: The Alloy of Law

The cover of Brandon Sanderson’s novel features an abnormally short Liev Schreiber alongside a freakishly tall Tom Cruise. It polluted what should have been an otherwise pleasant reading experience.

Theater: Advance Man

This past Sunday, with the company of a very understanding cohort I had the opportunity to engage in some live sci-fi via Gideon Productions Advance Man, the first part of Mac Rodgers’ HoneyComb Trilogy.

Once Upon a Time: True North

The Evil Queen is the perfect character for me to cosplay. She has an uncomfortable smile and murder eyes. She’s awkward around other people unless she’s in charge of them. She glares at everyone with unrestrained contempt. Best of all, one of her pastimes is frightening small children, which I not only admire, but aspire to do myself.

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