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What Felicity Wore: Arrow “Suicide Squad”

I’ve been admiring Felicity Smoak’s fashion sense for quite some time.

In her first appearances in season one, Felicity wore her Awkward Nerd Girl Business Casual uniform of slightly fitted Oxford shirts with sensible skirts with the occasional sweater. Once she started working in the lair with Ollie as The Arrow, we saw her in more Awkward Nerd Girl Weekend Wear: panda shoes, cute cardigans, Etsy necklaces.

With season two and her new job as Oliver Queen’s assistant at Queen Consolidated, Felicity’s style has become more sophisticated, reflecting not only her (presumably) increased income, but also maturity as well as the blurred lines between her job and her vigilante activities. There’s no longer a difference between how she dresses for the office and how she dresses for the lair.

But, even when Felicity shows up in business attire, I’m constantly thinking, “Where can I buy that?” I love Felicity and I love shopping, so let’s make it a regular feature!

The Red Coat

In her first “Suicide Squad” scene, Felicity is wearing a sharp red overcoat with leather detailing over printed pajama pants, indicating that under the newly sophisticated exterior, she’s still that awkward nerd girl with a sense of whimsy.

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Where To Get It

Felicity’s coat looks like it could be either one of these:

via spiga red coat sam edleman red coat
Via Spiga Stand Collar Wool Coat: $175 Sam Edleman Wrap Coat w/ Studs: $85

The Blazer

In the lair, Felicity wore a black and white blazer that I never got much detail on. Initially, I thought it was printed with white stars, but on closer inspection, it looks like a basic black and white tweedy thing with leather detail.

what felicity wore suicide squad 2

Where To Get It

For being something you can probably get at a Burlington Coat Factory, this was really hard to find. I actually didn’t find exactly that jacket, so I settled on a couple of tweedy options with leather detail:

tweed jacket tweedy jacket 2
Joie Tweed Jack: $170 Alfani Zip Tweed Jacket: $50

The Purple Dress

This was my favorite thing Felicity wore all episode. The color looks great on her and the pleating at the neckline keeps it from being boring.

what felicity wore suicide squad

Where To Get It

This dress looks like it could be Calvin Klein or Anne Klein. Turns out the combination of purple, belted, fit n’ flare, and pleated neckline detail is the unicorn of office attire. Here are some similar options:

purple dress 1 purple dress 2
Anne Klein Cap Sleeve Dress: $119 Paper Moon Flared Dress: $13.95



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