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What Felicity Wore: Arrow “Birds of Prey”

Felicity spent most of the episode in a blue sweater of indeterminate origin after a couple of whirlwind costume changes.

Leopard Print Dress and Leaf Earrings

felicity burberry dress birds of prey

In the lair, Felicity wears a discrete, animal print dress, which feels out of character for her. The print and the cut of the dress are a bit matronly for her, almost as if she raided Moira Queen’s closet.

Felicity’s dress in this scene is the Animal Print Crepon Silk Dress from Burberry, which is not only extraordinarily expensive, but is also sold out:


Sold Out Burberry Animal Print Dress

While searching for a similar option, I learned that animal print gets very trashy very quickly. But, if you want to LARP Felicity in a leopard print wear-to-work dress, Anne Klein has an option:

felicity leaf earrings birds of prey

The leaf earrings are from Top Shop and, like the Burberry dress, they’re sold out. Leaf earrings are pretty easy to come by, though:

leaf earrings gold leaf earrings
Catherine Nicol Eliana Earrings: $32 ELYA Designs Gold Leaf Filigree Earrings: $21


Purple Dress and Necklace

For one moment, Felicity gets dolled up in a basic purple knit dress¬†for Verdant, where gathering around an iPad and speaking intently isn’t conspicuous at all.

felicity purple dress birds of prey


felicity necklace birds of prey


Her necklace is simple and understated Рa  stone pendant like the ones below. The dress is so basic that it needs more of a statement necklace, but Felicity usually prefers to place her statement jewelry on her ears, framing her power source: her brain.

agate necklace

amythest necklace

Agate Druzy Necklace: $75 Amethyst Pendant: $130


Blue Sweater and Chalcedony Earrings

Annnnnd….the sweater. Felicity spent most of the episode in this blue sweater with a contrasting neckline and trim. Like the Burberry dress, this feels like another item from Moira Queen’s wardrobe.

felicity blue sweater birds of prey


It also doesn’t appear to be a real thing in the world. I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone wanting to recreate the sweater is probably better off buying a basic blue sweater, buying some craft store trim, and sewing it on.

The chalcedony earrings, though, are easily found:

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