What A Completely Stupid Ending – WTF Lost?

By Shawn Deena

I don’t get it. You spend 6 years building up that amazing well-woven mystery wrapped in a puzzle covered in an enigma blanket and then you end with the heavenly light bit. C’mon! That’s just cheap.

Look, I’ve read all the comments about “Oh it was so emotional,” on “Oh Sawyer and Juliet get back together” blah blah blah. The schmaltzy “love conquers all” overture mixed with the requisite “it was all a purgatory” explanation is insulting to the fans of the show and a lame cop out so that you don’t have to answer any questions.

Let me ask a question.

What happens when you blow up a nuclear bomb and there are a bunch of people a few hundred feet away? They all die. And if you nuke and island then the island is no longer there so there’s no island to exist for people living 30 years in the future to exist on. So they’re no longer part of the story. And if everyone is dead and the island doesn’t exist then why did you need a season six? Why go through the trouble of creating this really long explanation of what happens after a giant bomb explodes if all the crap after that was just some kind of afterlife very special episode that the dead people were going through?

The problem with endings like this where we have the absoluteness of people being dead is that it nullifies all the stuff you went through to get to this revelation, especially if the lead up to that was that they were already dead! What’s the point? They could have just called season six Lost: The Afterlife and saved us some time on our DVRs

Then there’s the issue of leaving people out like Michael, Walt, Ana Lucia, Rousseau and Alex, Frank, Naomi, hell, even Mr. Widmore. Yes, let’s have Bernard and Rose, though. And for the love of Mike — what about Richard? He’s been dead this whole time? He doesn’t get to go to Lost heaven? Oh and on the note of inclusion – how is baby Aaron dead too? If the baby is dead then that means Sun and Jin’s baby is dead as is Desmond and Penny’s kid. And that scenario then nullifies season four too. Because that would mean they’ve been dead for three seasons right when they started with the whole time travel thing. You see what’s happening here right? This finale essentially made the last three years of the show irrelevant and that just isn’t fair.

Outside of the lame resolution, the delivery of the overdone orchestral moments of crying and embracing was just too much. You get this big confrontation with Jack and the smoke monster which ends with a Ripley-esque (Aliens reference) moment for Kate. All of this build up to essentially a dead guy with a red herring name doing the exposition for the audience leading up to the stupid go to the light crap. I want my 2 ½ hours back. Also on that point, hey ABC, way to fill up the commercial breaks with all of your summer replacement suckfest show promos. Classy.

There have been exceptional series finales in TV history – M*A*S*H, Six Feet Under, Star Trek the Next Generation. The series finale of Lost is not in that category. Had it ended last year – I would be irate and confused but I would have been majorly impressed. As it stands, it was a good show for the most part but to end the way it did was to say to the loyal viewers “we don’t appreciate your dedication to the show enough to answer your question and do something really creative”.

Thanks for nothing.

Shawn Deena is a writer, musician, gamer and all around comic book and sci-fi nerd. As lover of films and television he has entirely useless library of knowledge that has now been increased thanks to the large volume of movies and TV shows Netflix offers on their instant play. As someone who likes to share his opinion, having a forum where he can rant incessantly about things in entertainment that bother him, make him laugh or make him want to hit himself in the face with a DVD box is a good thing. Having written about everything from Office Depot chairs to the page turning excitement of CPA guidebooks nothing pleases him more than writing about the stuff he loves and knows.

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  1. I remember my dad feeling the same way after Dallas had it’s big answer to the whole Ewing thing be……she was dreaming. omg what a letdown.

  2. I totally agree with you. I knew we were in trouble when they get rid of Whitmore in a side scene, bang, dead!! WHAT?? a character that dorve a good part of the plot? from there on, it got dumber and dumber. Why all the scientific side stories if none of that was to be used or explained?

    My explanation for the Lost plot:

    A silent alien ship appears over LA, no one can get in. Then you do 6 years worth of episodes trying to find out what is inside, only to find out it was full of brocolli. The end.

    What, you think it is stupid? well, we told you what was inside, didn't we? you didnot expect us to tell you EVERYTHING, did you??

    People give the writers of Lost too much credit for the series' ending. In fact, I think they wrote themselves into a corner, and were too lazy or too samrt ass to try to get out of it. What a disappointment…

  3. THANK YOU! This is the first review I've found that says everything I thought!! I was beginning to think I was the only one that was utterly disgusted with how they "wrapped things up".

  4. If I had to guess, the last scene on the island where Jack collapses back into the bamboo forest tells us that the entire thing, all six seasons, were a fever dream of Jacks as he lies dying after the initial crash. Nothing else happened. The plane crashes in the ocean, but Jack has somehow crashed on the island. There he slowly dies and the entire show takes place in his head.

  5. I thought the end would be crappy! I really did! The last episodes were worse and worse…
    But the Lost writers really surprised me on this one! I never imagined they could come up with an answer so stupid and non-sense! The worst possible ending for a time travel story has allways being the classical "it was all a dream" or "they were dead" explanation, but Lost´s ending was even more lame! Why bother to have this last season if they are all dead anyway? More than that, why bother to tell the story, if after the 5th season nuke there was really no island left, no Jacob left, and in fact, no plane crash after all?!?!
    I want my money back… ops, sorry, I haven´t ever watched Lost on TV!
    Now I am proud I never made any money for them! Haha!

  6. I found the simplistic sky-gawd ending offensive. An abysmal cop-out. And, what about Eko? Oh yeah, he's a black guy and must be into voodoo or somethin'. Ugh. Harlequin Romance fused with Left Behind. Puke. The more I think about it the more this episode's pus-filled genital warts become visible. Lost = Succubus Maximus!

  7. I’m surprised that people have focused on the “alternate world” as the real ending and not the “real world” part of the story. OK, so the whole flash sideways, or whatever you want to call it, was a schmaltzy everybody is dead and now they are happy but in the context of the REAL story, that’s a nice annotation.
    I still want to know what the island IS. What’s the light? What WAS Jacob or the smoke monster?
    We didn’t get answers, but we got reassurance that they all ended up happy in the end (that’s what the whole, bright light in the church and hugging was about. I don’t feel jigged by that. I like that we have resolution that to them (the characters) it all ends fine, but to me, the viewer,…WHAT THE F^&K WAS THE ISLAND?!?!

    • Indeed. With Hurley being left in charge, I'm guessing that the Lost team is leaving us up to our own explanations for the island. So, since it's up to me, I'm going with some sort of quantum electromagnetic origin for the island. 

  8. The whole thing wasn't about purgatory, just the sideways universe plot part. Everything that happened up to the point where Jack died was real. A lot of people seem to be focused on the abrupt stop at the end of the rollercoaster ride instead of how much fun they had riding it.

  9. erm, they weren't all already dead.  I've been seeing this on message boards all day.  Christian says "There is no "now" here" and "Everybody dies sometime".

    Personally, I think the whole end of the flash sideways thing in the church was for Jack and Jack only.

  10. Having been so sorely disappointed in so many episodes starting in season three, my expectations for the finale weren't all that high to begin with. I was actually pretty impressed with the whole things until I looked at the clock and saw there were still ten minutes in which it could all be screwed up. I was also pretty indignant about the mystical-moving-in-going-into-the-light resolution, but have hung my hat on one line spoken by Jack's dad: "the time you spent with these people was the most important of your life". That tells me that a lot of the action really did happen and it was the flash-sideways from season six that was all afterlife stuff. That's what I'm going with. 

    But then, why make a point of showing the island underwater in the season premiere? And then what was with the lifeless plane wreckage during the closing credits? 

    All told, it wasn't a clean wrap up and I feel like it could have been – should have been – a lot better, given the amount of lead time the Lost team had to figure this all out. The best I can say for it is that I'm OK with it and it didn't make me want to break things. I'd like to be marvel about it, but the team appears to have chosen feel good mediocrity. 

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