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True Blood: Fire in The Hole

After not having much of a social message for years, True Blood, in its last throes, has decided it once again wants to be the show that says things about America.

In the beginning, Show desperately wanted to be seen as an allegory for LGBTQ rights and the media proclaimed it to be so. However, as a civil rights allegory, Show is highly problematic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is vampires are actually sucking the life out of humanity. Vampires, in the True Blood-verse, are dangerous creatures who should legitimately be feared, unlike the LGBTQ community, are just people like everyone else.

Season 5 wanted to say something about right-wing religion in American government, but it came off as Vampire Taliban. Annnnddddd….I can quite recall any of Show’s other pet causes. Probably because, once it was a hit, it became about self-preservation.

Now, here we are at the end and Show to go out with a message. Trouble is, it can’t focus on a train of thought. Maybe because, right now, there’s too much to say about too many screwed up things. I’ve narrowed it down to four Big! Messages!

Bigots are Socially Acceptable Again

I know there are parts of this country where intolerance never went out of style, but I’m continuously horrified by the bigoted garbage people openly spout and support. From those Chik-fil-a bigots to those Duck Dynasty charlatans (you think they’re for real? ha! you’re a rube!) to every moron on Twitter complaining about Indian-American kids winning the National Spelling Bee to that one guy we all have at our jobs who hates everyone who’s not a white hetero Christian and won’t stop with the gorram email forwards. But, you can’t complain about him because then he just complains that he’s being persecuted (BTW, you’ll know you’re being persecuted for real when someone brings lions to the office). The world is becoming a very hostile place for people who know we should all have equal rights.

Bigots are back, y’all. And now they have more guns. Which brings me to True Blood’s second message:

Open Carry People are Idiots

Open Carry Bon Temps can barely shoot and are only vaguely aware of what they’re pissed off about. All they know is that there are a few different folks out there who are dangerous. Ipso facto, ALL DIFFERENT FOLKS MUST DIE. And their rights are being violated or something, so IMPEACH! As demonstrated by this ep, all that Open Carry nonsense means nothing in the face of an opponent who is legitimately a killer. All Open Carry Bon Temps little confrontation proved was that armed idiots are more of a danger to themselves than a roving band of Hep-V vampires.

Hey! It’s AIDS!

When did we stop talking about AIDS? Earlier today, I was watching The 80s: The Decade That Made Us on National Geographic and they did a segment about Ryan White which got me thinking. Although, drug treatments have gotten better (as Awesome Pam says), it’s not cured. Yet, it feels like it hasn’t been newsworthy since the mid1990s when it seemed like every day someone we all knew was getting diagnosed or dying. Likely because America never stopped thinking of AIDS as a disease contracted by bad behavior; never stopped thinking that, if you got it, you probably did something to deserve it. I don’t know what Show’s end game is on this point, but I’m already bothered by Eric Northman’s characterization of how he got infected with Hep-V: he wasn’t careful enough. I have a feeling that, like Show’s civil rights allegory, the AIDs allegory is going to be highly problematic.

Corporations are The Scariest Beings on The Planet

And they have religious rights now, too! The Authority was nothing compared to a corporation in pursuit of profits. The corporation behind TruBlood does not care about Sarah Newlin’s religious or political leanings. It does not care about protecting humanity, It cares about protecting their profits. They don’t care that Sarah Newlin tainted their product – they care that she impacted their profits. So, she has to go. At the end of the day, religion, politics, and even humanity mean nothing. Corporations are a more powerful force on Earth than any of that and they control everything.

I’d like to point out that, under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TruBlood corporation’s actions would likely be perfectly legal. Look it up.

Lastly, let’s all pour one out for Alcide, who got his shirt off for us so many times.

true blood alcide

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