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Top 10 Movies & TV Shows That Deserve A Musical Adaptation

So, Back to the Future is following in the footsteps of Xanadu, The Evil Dead, Spider-Man, and numerous other unexpected properties and getting adapted as stage musical. Because I suppose familiarity with the content is the key to getting butts in exorbitantly priced seats no that no one has any money.

I mean, seriously. Some of these musical adaptations are wackadoo. In my day, you were happy to have a blippy copy of a movie on Betamax and now everyone wants a quirky stage musical! (Shakes fist at change….then forgets the topic and falls asleep.)

But, really. I’m not annoyed. I love musicals and am generally open to the idea of seeing my favorite movies and TV shows adapted to include peppy dance numbers and glittery costumes. However, Back to the Future is not the property I would have chosen for a musical adaptation.

Why, yes! I do have some suggestions! The following are ripe – RIPE, I SAY! – for a musical adaptation. Some of them already have parts of the musical infrastructure in place!

Top 10 Movies & TV Shows That Deserve A Musical Adaptation

10. Aliens

I just want to see the power loader scene re-imagined in music and dance.

9.  Big Trouble in Little China

So many opportunities for fantastic sets! The break out song would be “Two Girls with Green Eyes,” sung by Lon Pan and The Wing Kong Dancers.


8.  Thundercats

Andrew Lloyd Weber has had the world primed for Thundercats: The Musical for decades. People love singing cats! People love action! It’s perfect!

7.  Forbidden Planet

A protective father, young love, a destroyed civilization, and a robot! Break out song: “Monsters from the Id.”


6. The Fifth Element

The costume and set design has already been done. It would be an easy transition to stage musical!

5. Jem & The Holograms



4.  Buckaroo Banzai vs. The World Crime League

I’ve been waiting for this promised sequel forever. It may as well be a musical, now. Plus -THERE’S ALREADY A BAND!

3. The City of Lost Children

Fantastic sets and songs about the power of dreams. This would be amazing as a musical.

2. Galaxy Quest

I can already imagine Guy Fleegman singing a deeply affecting number about death and the disposability of human existence.

1. Enemy Mine

Stay with me. The move is hugely underrated and I’ve loved it since I was a kid. Enemy Mine: The Musical would be an emotional tour de force, with at least one song that’s reminiscent of South Pacific’s “You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught.” It would be an incredibly moving tale of overcoming prejudice and the life-saving power of friendship.

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