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This Week in WebTV: The Book is the Thing…

Kind of a shocking week in WebTV. Quite suddenly and unexpectedly The Autobiography of Jane Eyre just up and ended. I’m not sure any of us that regularly tuned in were expecting it. It was the 95th episode but we all thought it was going to hit 100 like Lizzie Bennet Diaries. That seemed like a good round number to end the series on.

But, alas, it was not to be. From comments I read on YouTube the theory is that after the actor playing Mr. Rochester left the production they decided to change up the ending. That would certainly explain why we never saw his face again once his character came back into the show. I know that in real life (and if this was a real vlog instead of a fictional vlog based on a fictional character) it is very likely it would end abruptly because reality happens like that. I’m just not used to that happening on a popular web series.

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It wasn’t a bad ending. The music was great and Jane seemed very happy and it certainly gave the impression that she was finally figuring her life and dreams out. I just thought I’d have five more episodes to get used to the idea of not having the show to watch anymore. I teared up a bit as it ended, partly because it was sweet and partly because I’m not prepared to let go yet.

Luckily for me and all the other LBD/Jane Eyre/Emma Approved (which is back this month and getting very exciting) fans, the web is suddenly inundated with fictional vlog versions of literary works. From Anne of Green Gables to Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, it seems that every great literary hero and heroine has something to say, and they want to say it online.

Actually, vlogging is a pretty perfect outlet for our favorite redheaded Canadian Anne Shirley. She stars in Green Gables Fables and has no problem talking and talking and TALKING at the camera. The actress is noticeably awkward, but it actually lends a feeling of reality to the videos. Most people are uncomfortable talking to a video camera at first. I adored LBD and love Emma Approved (which is a shocker as totally not my fave Jane Austen) they’ve always felt very staged to me. Jane Eyre and Green Gables Fables seem much more realistic.

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And honestly the more I watch Green Gables Fables (new episodes are posted on Wednesdays), the more I’m convinced Anne Shirley is exactly the kind of person vlogging was invented for. I did read all the books, more than once even, and did a re-read not that long ago, so I’ve got it fresh enough in my brainpan to remember just how much that Anne girl could talk. And daydream. And ponder important life questions, such as why she was born with red hair and where avocados come from. So bringing her into modern times and sitting her in front of a camera is pretty much perfect for her.

This week Anne was happily announcing that she is once again allowed to be friends with her ‘bosom-companion’ Diana Barry after helping out Diana’s little sister when she got pneumonia. Of course those who’ve tuned in to the series know that it took a while for little-miss-know-it-all Anne to realize what was actually wrong with Diana’s little sister. But that isn’t important now as the sister was ultimately saved, Anne and Diana are back to being BFFs, and summer has arrived and it is time to see what kinds of trouble Anne-with-an-e can manage to get in to.

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