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This Week in WebTV: Little Bit SciFi, Little Bit Fantasy, Whole Lot Kooky

This week Transolar Galactica released a new trailer, which isn’t quite as good as new episodes, but at least will get us fans by for another little while as we continue to wait for Season 2. If you’ve never heard of Transolar Galactica before, I have to say you’re missing out. This webseries is funny, smart, and amazingly well done for being a homegrown project by some guys out of Spokane, WA. It steals from just about every existing science fiction series you can think of, but in such an obvious way that it just adds to the fun.

transolar transolargalacticaTransolar_Galactica_2

The trailer we were all treated to (some alliteration for you there ladies and gents) was for the Origin Episodes, an exclusive special series that was offered up to members of The Legion (the Transolar super fans who’ve signed up for exclusive content and releases and helped fund Season 2 of the show). They also had a successfully funded Kickstarter in 2012 so here’s hoping that when Season 2 finally premieres it will be one swanky web production.

Over on COPS:Skyrim we were treated to some more crazy fantasy RPG antics as the helmeted peace keepers dealt with mammoth (literally) traffic jams, naked delivery boys, and troll uprisings (caused by a few wrong words spoken to the wrong trolls at the wrong time). When you need some good ol’ mindless entertainment based around an expansive virtual world, this is the webseries you should be tuning in to.

copsskyrim Skyrim SkyrimCOPS_0003_Layer-3

Presented by the Nerdist channel on Youtube and produced in part by Chris Hardwick, COPS:Skyrim is in its fourth season already with new episodes coming out on a weekly basis. I’ll admit some of the situations are much funnier to watch than others, but with the episodes being around four to five minutes there isn’t a whole lot of time to get bored between good bits. Some of the jokes go over your head if you don’t know the game well, but most of them are pretty obvious. Like the goofy jester dancing for prostitutes. I have no idea WHY he is dancing for prostitutes, but I still laugh whenever he does it.

Adult Wednesday Addams did not have any new episodes this week, and in fact has not had any new ones since October BUT I love this webseries so much that I’m going to talk about it anyway. Created by Melissa Hunter and airing on Youtube, this show is pretty dang brilliant. Melissa Hunter performs a spot-on Wednesday Addams, all grown up and living with roommates in the big city. She goes on job interviews, she has one night stands, she freaks out rude dog walkers in the park.

adultwednesday adult-wednesday-addams-01adultwednesdayaddams

I would love to be as stoic and creepy and badass as Wednesday. And I really want there to be a second season, so get over to Youtube and watch the crap out of this show, and if a Kickstarter pops up at some point to fund more episodes, open up your wallets and help make it happen. This is the kind of show that proves how awesome webtv can be.

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