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This Week in WebTV: Facing Real-World Obstacles (With Powers, Poise, and Pluck)

Let’s forget that I’ve been gone for two (or three?) weeks and jump right in with what’s new this week in WebTV! Wednesday was the premiere of Geek & Sundry’s newest series – Caper! Two episodes of this new “superheroes trying to make it in the real world” show were released back-to-back and so far, I gotta tell you, they are making for one awesome series.

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Caper is slick and professional looking with well-done sets, editing, score, credit sequences, and some awesome surprise guest stars (Scott Bakula everyone!). The story centers around four young people with super powers (well three with powers and one with a super suit) sharing a loft and trying to make ends meet while saving the world as needed. (There are some great in-jokes for comic book fans in the initial explanation of these would-be heroes, by the way.) Unfortunately keeping the planet safe for peace, love, and democracy doesn’t exactly cover the rent. Which leads this frustrated foursome down a potentially stupid path.

I’ll admit, though my love of this show was pretty quick, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Some of Dagr’s lines sound dubbed strangely or just awkward, and I have a feeling the “heroes scrounging around trying to make money in the real world” plot line could get old after a while. So hopefully they’ve got some other ideas in mind there. Seems like they do at least. Anyways, so this week we meet the team, we watch them try to make rent, and then we watch them make a very dumb plan to do a very dumb thing. And we can already guess (especially with the giant hints at the beginning of the episodes) where this is going. I am eagerly looking forward to the release of the next episode in this show, and I encourage everyone else to get caught up before it is released.

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Over on the Comediva channel (also on Youtube) a new episode of BAMF Girls Club was finally released (though not this week but about two weeks ago). As this series is only updated about once a month it’s a big deal for fans to get new content finally. And since I wasn’t around two weeks ago, I’m gonna talk about it now. Mmmkay? Okay.

This time around Hermione has noticed she’s been putting on some weight and decides magic is the culprit. She chooses to go on a ‘magic fast’ for thirty days to fix the problem. Her roommates try to help, with varying degrees of success (and insanity). If you’ve never caught an episode of BAMF Girls Club you’ve really been missing out. This reality show parody takes the Real World concept and adds a dash of fangeekery by filling the house with ladies from our fave geeky shows. Hermione Granger, Michonne, Lisbeth Salander, Bella Swan, Buffy Summers, and even Katniss Everdeen all put in an appearance – with all of their foibles and idiosyncrasies and baggage blown up to ridiculous proportions, of course. Hermione and Bella would have to be my favorite gals in the show, by the way. While they are played for comedic effect, I think their interpretations of the characters are also the best.

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And over on the literary webseries front Emma Approved has finally come back from their holiday hiatus (it was like two months which can seem like forever when you are waiting for your favorite parts of a story to make it to air). Emma seems to have lost quite a bit of her confidence, and when your entire career is based on your overwhelming belief that you are amazing, this can be disastrous. Luckily she has the always amazing Alex Knightly ready to help her out. And the always eager to please Harriet is ready to participate in whatever schemes Emma can manage to come up with. That might not be as helpful.

I’ve got to say that while I did not care for this show as much as Lizzie Bennet Diaries at first, it has really begun to grow on me. Emma is so very flawed and watching her lose faith in herself has made her seem incredibly human. It may even lead to some growth and development for her, which will be interesting (and sometimes painful I’m sure) to watch.

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