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This Annie Remake Can Suck It

I’m not one of those wackos screaming about desecrating a classic. Oh, no. Not. At. All. So, what’s my problem this time?

I cried.

During the trailer.

The last trailer that made me do that was for Where The Wild Things Are, which I still haven’t seen because the trailer alone turned me into a wreck, mourning childhood and, inexplicably (yet, specifically), wanting to feel the way I did around Christmas in 1987.

Obviously, when a trailer destroys me, I have reservations about my ability to handle the entire movie.

Now, Annie. A childhood favorite, eclipsing even Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal (but, never The Wizard of Oz). I’d actually rather enjoy an update of Annie and am really excited by the casting. Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan is brilliant. I pretty much love everything she does, anyway. But, here she is trashy and crazed and everything a modern Miss Hannigan should be. Quvenzhane Wallis shines in every shot. She’s plucky and adorable without playing it up and being trite about it. Which is a lot to demand of a 10 year old. She looks like a completely different kid from the little girl in that Maserati ad.

Now, Annie.

Like me, Annie wasn’t a cute kid. But, also like me, she was clever and she was a smart ass. I tried so hard to be that spunky little girl. For a while, that meant wearing Annie inspired dresses my mom sewed from McCall’s patterns.

annie dress mcalls

Yes, I had the red dress with the white belt and collar. Yes, I wore it to school. Yes, some kids made fun of me. And I did not care.

That red dress was armor.

I wasn’t an orphan, but I got Annie. Got that she had to use her wits. Got that she had to play the system she was in. Annie and me….we were un-cute little girls. When you’re un-cute and smart, you learn who’s about surface and who’s about interior pretty quickly. And you learn how to play them.

So, I have certain expectations when it comes to a remake of Annie.

This remake?

It looks perfect.

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