The Walking Dead: Strangers

Every time I see a new black character on The Walking Dead, I immediately start speculating on which current black character is going to die.

The Walking Dead: Infected

Truth be told, the season premiere last week was not on my radar at all, even though Rick’s face was on my NYCC badge all last weekend. Once Upon A Time finished, John turned the Steevee to AMC and I opened of Fergus Macbook to shop for a dress upon which to build my Mothra costume (the “Sexy” is silent, like the “k” in “knife).

The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer

I want Michonne to be my best friend and have a sleepover where she teaches me some sword skills. I’ll repay her by foraging for herbs with which to season the dried pasta, rice, and other assorted grains I’ll prepare for our dinner. I just need to learn how to start a fire without a match or lighter, and I’ll be set.

The Walking Dead: Say The Word

Did AMC and Show chicken out on showing the horrors of Woodbury and The Governor on cable television? Because, so far, I’m underwhelmed by the Woodbury stuff and super-underwhelmed at The Governor as a villain.