The Strain: It’s Not for Everyone

I haven’t written about The Strain on FX because I have no faith in television anymore. The pilot was amazing and horrifying and looked exactly like it did in my head while reading the novel. But, this is basic cable and this is a particular genre. It’s really easy for a show to start strong and piss it away. Just look at Syfy’s stable of programs.

True Blood: Lost Cause

Sam’s girlfriend served as a timepiece this episode, reminding us that only three days have passed since the HepV attack. She also served as moral judge, deciding that having a party was a screwed up response to the recent events. However, these people have been through a serial killer, a homicidal maenad, witches, Russell Edgington, these HepV vampires, and a Republican governor. The people in Sookie’s house were the ones to live through it all. So, yeah. Let’s party.

True Blood: I Found You

Sheriff Andy couldn’t figure out to see where the dead girl came from to try to make a connection? Law enforcement is relying on Sookie’s knowledge of stuff she saw on Law & Order? Bon Temps never had a chance.

True Blood: Dead Meat

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Sarah Newlin get her butt kicked by Ms. Suzuki. That fight scene was fantastic. Of course, I’m disappointed that Mrs. Newlin was triumphant, but it did expose the fatal flaw of high heels. I wish I could say, “That’s why I don’t wear heels! HAHAHAHA! I’m so above you all!” It’s not true, though. I don’t wear heels because I have scoliosis. I’d rather wear pumps, but I’d make it a single step before my spine went cursive.

True Blood: In The Evening

Fairies may put crystal chandeliers in trees and run a night club that plays only Abney Park, but other than that, all they do is flit around, hiding from vampires and pooping light.

True Blood: At Last

“The one with the crazy hair.” I fail to see what’s so crazy about Nicole’s hair. Oh, right. The werewolf who said that is a racist.

True Blood: You’re No Good

I don’t know if Bill bursting into a fireball was done for comedic effect, but it sure as hell worked for me. That was comedy gold. GOLD. Also, everything Rutger Hauer does is awesome.

Being Human: For Those About To Rot

Bit players are, by their nature, not around for very long. Last week, I did not lament the fact that it looked like one of the zombies who hitched a ride back to life with Sally was going to eat his girlfriend. This week, I miss neither her, him, nor the third wheel in the ghost-to-flesh triumvirate.

Being Human: Of Mice and Wolfmen

Last week, s*** got real. This week, band-aids, garlic tea (barf) and patchouli for everyone! This is not to say there aren’t some cool things going on, just that the immediate reversal on all the real and awful developments from last week (except in Sally’s plotline) is a step backwards. Progression is a thing for other shows.