Fictional Femmes 2011: The Big Picture

Tackling it one show at a time like I did made me feel pretty hopeful. More wrinkles! Lower concentrations of white people! Hooray! HOWEVER….Looking at them all at once shows something different.

Fictional Femmes 2011: Cable

For a bit more diversity in age, ethnicity, and overall look, cable is the place. Maybe they’re smaller audiences mean they don’t have to automatically default to “teen to mid-twenties, white”.

Fictional Femmes 2011: Networks

Our yearly Power 100 list, while fun, hasn’t really given me the opportunity to look more critically at what’s going on currently. So, I wanted to take a look at 2011 on its own. Who were the women on our screens? What are they like? How did they behave? Is there a common pattern among them?

Lost: Let’s Give Credit Where Credit is Due

71 survivors, 122 episodes, and who knows how many theories, and it all comes down to a battle between Jack and Locke (serving as representatives for good and evil). I’m obviously looking forward to the Lost finale more than the hardcore fans are. Looking forward to closure and the sense of freedom and relief that only comes when an addictive show goes off the air.

NBC Upfronts: 2010 Season

Now that Jay Leno, the monster that ate primetime in 2009/2010, has gorged himself and lumbered back to his lair, NBC has a lot of air time to fill. This is what they’ve got for the next season. Overall, it’s a very safe lineup with familiar stars, familiar creators, and familiar set ups.

Why I Hope Dr. Horrible Stays on the Internet

by Juliana Weiss-Roessler I know the idea of seeing our favorite musical supervillain and his hammer-headed nemesis on the big screen has many people squeeing with delight, but it has me cringing. When I first heard the rumors that Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog might have a film sequel instead of a web one, I instantly […]