Man of Steel, Man of Meh

My problem with Man of Steel? It’s joyless and humorless with no sense of wonder, Tonally, it’s similar to Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight films, but I don’t know that it’s an appropriate treatment for Superman since he’s always been a beacon of hope. To quote the Joker, “Why so serious?”

Fandango Summer of Action Giveaway!

In conjunction with Fandango’s Summer of Action series, we have a prize pack to give away! To enter, respond to this question in the comment thread: Who is your favorite Superman?

Badland Girls: We Roll Like Hayley Mills

This week, Rhea and Destiny keep things short and go through their regulars. There’s talk of Superman, Rhea’s tax refund adventures, games, and teasing for a future Evil Dead (2013) nerd fight.

Smallville: Series Finale

Yep, it’s time to talk about THE SUIT. Now I realize that there was a lot of CGI magic going on with the suit, and honestly I don’t care. I’m sorry, but I loved every fake second of it.

Waiting for Superman. . . For Real

Anyone could dress up in blue tights and a cape and call themselves Superman, but it’s his music that makes me believe what he believes: that there is something truly remarkable about humanity, about Earth. That there can be heroes, even if not Kryptonian ones.

Smallville: Prophecy

Please imagine right here an image of your humble narrator, teary eyed with her jaw dropped open. Then imagine her cursing the name of Lois Lane using some very choice words.

Smallville: Dominion

Alright my lovelies we are down to the final three. I don’t know about you, but I am hoping (maybe even expecting) that the last three episodes are going to be action packed. There is no more room for filler crap, and if they try to give it to us I might end up being a little miffed.