Books: William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back

I actually think William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back would be a fantastic tool to use with students who are about to embark on their first Shakespeare play. Have them read selections from The Empire Stiketh Back and match them to scenes from the movie in order to get the students used to the language in the context of a story they already understand.

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

One of the reasons I stopped reading fashion magazines a few years ago was because they regularly made me feel like garbage and like I was doing it wrong. “It” being getting dressed. And life. And everything. (Because if you’re a woman who’s visibly getting older, you’re obviously doing it wrong in America).

Once Upon A Time: In The Name of The Brother

Am I the only one who groaned at the sound of the Star Wars ringtone? It struck me as Disney gloating: “Ha. Star Wars is our bitch, now. You thought Lucas drove it into the ground? He did. And there was a bottomless pit under that ground. That’s where we’re going.”

Oh, Canada

Why are all the hot guys from Canada? Last time I checked, it was pretty cold up there, and the gene pool must be considerably smaller as the population is smaller, so why the seemingly disproportionate numbers? I don’t know. Just tell me who you think the hottest Canadian man is.

George Lucas Wants to Remaster Education

I may not agree with every movie decision George Lucas has made. But, he’s a creative who’s been on the receiving end of public education. And education, like making movies, is a creative process requiring the work of a lot of people for one end product.