Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

One of the reasons I stopped reading fashion magazines a few years ago was because they regularly made me feel like garbage and like I was doing it wrong. “It” being getting dressed. And life. And everything. (Because if you’re a woman who’s visibly getting older, you’re obviously doing it wrong in America).

Once Upon A Time: In The Name of The Brother

Am I the only one who groaned at the sound of the Star Wars ringtone? It struck me as Disney gloating: “Ha. Star Wars is our bitch, now. You thought Lucas drove it into the ground? He did. And there was a bottomless pit under that ground. That’s where we’re going.”

Oh, Canada

Why are all the hot guys from Canada? Last time I checked, it was pretty cold up there, and the gene pool must be considerably smaller as the population is smaller, so why the seemingly disproportionate numbers? I don’t know. Just tell me who you think the hottest Canadian man is.

George Lucas Wants to Remaster Education

I may not agree with every movie decision George Lucas has made. But, he’s a creative who’s been on the receiving end of public education. And education, like making movies, is a creative process requiring the work of a lot of people for one end product.