Books: The Fractal Prince

It took a lot of effort to get through The Fractal Prince because the author, Hannu Rajaniemi, gives the reader nothing. I appreciate his assumption that the reader is a smart person with strong deductive abilities; however, a lot of his concepts aren’t identifiable by context clues alone.

Books: Tribulations

The rain forest must weep for their slaughtered cousins that provided the paper for this crime against the written word.

Books: Arctic Rising

I’m a little in love with Anika Duncan. An Arctic airship pilot from Nigeria, she is clever, rational, and a fighter. Anika Duncan will take down anyone who screws with the people she cares about, wether it’s a lone goon or a global conglomerate.

John Carter Didn’t Suck

John Carter has a sense of humor about itself. It knows its job is to be swashbucklingly outrageous and it delivers. Everything about it is a throwback to a simpler time when an afternoon at the movies was, in itself, an adventure.

Books: Among Others

Reading this novel is pretty much like reading my own book journal peppered with fantasies of limited witchcraft.

Book Review: The Unincorporated War by Dani and Eytan Kollin

Somehow, I keep on getting the second book in a series for review. Previously, it was “Rise of the Iron Moon” by Stephen Hunt. Each time I’m presented with the second book I’m aware of the risk jumping in on a story already in progress. I don’t know the characters, I don’t know the world, […]

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

You know that conversation you had at Denny’s at 3AM in college? Maybe it was a Village Inn. Definitely not an IHOP because IHOP doesn’t have the right atmosphere for those sorts of world moving conversations that happen at 3AM. It takes just the right ratio of greasy table to crappy food to bad attitude waitress to facilitate this kind of discussion. And IHOP’s Belgian waffles are too good to be part of that equation. They’re universe displacing, those things.

This book is like that conversation. Only not stupid.