Theater: Advance Man

This past Sunday, with the company of a very understanding cohort I had the opportunity to engage in some live sci-fi via Gideon Productions Advance Man, the first part of Mac Rodgers’ HoneyComb Trilogy.

Stargate Universe: Gauntlet

When I started reviewing this series, I came in about a quarter of the way through the second season, no prior SGU experience and only having seen a handful of SG-1 episodes. I was not impressed with what I had seen at first, but the second half of this season turned things around. It was coming into its own as good SF, and I can say without reservation I am sorry to see a show with this much potential go.

Stargate Universe: Blockade

I appreciate the writing that’s gone into these last episodes. It’s been tight, with a great long term arc that doesn’t skimp on the small stuff. The sense of wonder and danger, the human element, the spaces between black and white, all of these are why I dig science fiction.

Stargate Universe: Epilogue

John Scalzi, the creative consultant for this series, once said that building a world two questions deep helps build sufficient rationale. Unfortunately, in this week’s episode the writers missed that bit of advice.

Stargate Universe: Common Descent

Two items from the recent past come back to bite the crew of the Destiny and as I say that, I realize I’m setting myself up for some sort of relativistic pun. I’ll be damned if I can find it, but you might have better luck.

Stargate Universe: The Hunt

More than once while watching this week’s episode, thoughts of the film Predator crept into my mind. Fortunately, I didn’t yell “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” at any point in time, but some of the elements were there. It wasn’t enough to draw a parallel, but it made me wonder where the writers got their inspiration.

Stargate Universe: Hope

Transhuman and posthuman concepts in SF fascinate me — sometimes they terrify me, but that’s another topic all together. What this episode does is touch on those subjects in way that’s not intrusive with either philosophical or technical talk.

Stargate Universe: Alliances

Given the isolated setting of the Destiny, it’s easy to overlook the fact there’s things going on Earth-side. The Lucian Alliance is an outstanding threat to Earth, and an attack is pending. With only one member of the Alliance on the ship, it’s a plot thread that can fall by the wayside. In this week’s episode it picks back up.