Once Upon A Time: Save Henry

I guess women don’t get to have ten+ seasons of story dedicated strictly to their own development. Because women get to be sex objects, then we get to be mothers, then we get to be invisible.

Once Upon A Time: Good Form

It’s not that I’m disinterested in boys’ stories. I just hold them to the same standard to which I hold girls’ stories and Show isn’t living up to that. The boys’ stories they’re telling here aren’t being given the same depth and are doing nothing to subvert the traditional narrative.

Once Upon A Time: Quite A Common Fairy

I’m really upset that Mulan and Sleeping Beauty are breaking up. I know they were both in love with Prince Whosit, but they’re so much better as a Thelma & Louise type of duo. And now that’s over because you can’t drive your car over a cliff with a baby on board.

Once Upon A Time: Lost Girl

What’s going on in Neverland is like every uncomfortable family road trip I went on as a kid. Everyone is fighting, the group is lost, and there’s a blond girl crying.

Once Upon A Time: The Heart of The Truest Believer

Storybrooke is out of the picture for now as all of our leads have left this world on a quest to save Henry. A quest that immediately falls apart because they’re all so firmly fixed in their Breakfast Club archetypes that they can’t trust each other, much less cooperate. While the Storyrbooke Crack Rescue Squad is bumbling around the jungle, getting outsmarted by the Lost Boys, Henry is going to have to save himself by either killing Peter Pan or growing up and tarnishing his truest believer heart.

Once Upon A Time: Lacey

I maintain that Rumpy never wanted to be good for the right reasons in the first place. The right reason to be good is that it’s the right thing to do. Rumpy has only wanted to be good because being good gets him Belle.