Once Upon A Time: White Out

Little Bo Peep, The Payday Loan Extortionist, is my new favorite fairy tale bad guy. I want her to rise up against Storybrooke’s unstable government and questionable democratic system and institute a reign of terror during which she references The Silence of The Lambs!

Where is Once Upon A Time Going Next?

In three seasons, we’ve been from the Enchanted Forest to Wonderland to Neverland to Oz. We’ve also been to Black & White Movie Land and have been up the beanstalk (Heh. UP YOUR BEANSTALK!!!!). Where to next?

Once Upon A Time: Quiet Minds

Yeah, I groaned when I saw the candelabra in the opening title card. I’m not against the idea of Lumiere; I could just see Show going down the silly path and also throwing in a talking tea pot that’s friends with Belle’s chipped cup. Feck off, cup.