Revolution: The Love Boat

The last scene of this week’s episode was pure Abrams—and that’s not a compliment. The camera flickers out, the man in the elevator screams and then we cut to the back of the elevator door bathed in his blood and guts. Ripped apart by an unseen force … hmm, I wonder if it’s a polar bear?

Revolution: The Song Remains the Same

As the show matures in the second half of its first season, the relationships have matured as well, which is probably the most important thing. Relationships between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, while universal in many ways, are also as unique as fingerprints and it is the truth to these relationships the writers and actors must get right.

Revolution: The Children’s Crusade

A true benefit of this week’s episode is that we were finally given a peek behind the curtain and got a better idea of who exactly is pulling the strings. The introduction of the slimy Department of Defense official is a nice wrinkle.

Revolution: Sex and Drugs

I don’t think Charlie needs a protector, but I do feel she needs a champion, someone who will back her no matter what. Based on tonight’s episode, it’s not going to be Aaron and there’s a good chance it won’t be Miles either, but I’d still like the kid to have one.

Revolution: Soul Train

So, there are a few things we know about how people live when confronted with the absence of electricity. Perhaps the most important is that everybody turns into a sonofabitch.

Chuck vs the First Bank of Evil

NBC, are your recent efforts so terrible cuz you can’t find good writers? Trust me, they are out there, dying to write good and smart fiction that people want to watch. Is it cuz you feel the need to dumb everything down to make it more accessible to the masses?

How Too Much TV Made Me Hate Tina Fey

For god’s sake, Liz Lemon. Get your crap together and get a bloody therapist because after three hours of live TV, your shenanigans aren’t funny. And, by the way? I’m sick of your wardrobe. There’s more to life than Oxford shirts and V-neck sweaters.I’m sick of your little blazers, Oxford shirts and V-neck sweaters.

NBC, Please Stop Trying So Hard

With a fragmented TV landscape, DVRs and Netflix to deal with, it’s a tough call for any network these days as to what they should really invest in. As proven with last year’s Superbowl and shows like Idol and DWTS, the live events are the ones that are really garnering the massive views while the regular dramas and comedies vie for the capricious whims of the viewing public who have too much to choose from on any given night. Not every network can have a watershed show like Glee but at least they can try to do some more creative programming that what NBC is currently doing.