Fringe: Letters of Transit

Thank you Fringe, for reminding me that I’m not against dramatic shifts in plot and tone per se, but only when they’re done poorly.

Thank You Netflix for Ruining Regular TV

The thing is I would rather wait until the entire season of something is over and then watch it on Netflix, or flip around the new arrivals in the instant play library and see what series escaped me that I could now watch at my own leisure. I no longer desire to watch things as they air. Netflix basically ruined my TV watching experience. Nothing beats that joy, that ease, of simply deciding to watch “the next episode” If you haven’t done it, it’s like watching TV using a Pez dispenser. If you haven’t — you have no idea what you’re missing.

Thank you Netflix.

What A Completely Stupid Ending – WTF Lost?

By Shawn Deena – I don’t get it. You spend 6 years building up that amazing well-woven mystery wrapped in a puzzle covered in an enigma blanket and then you end with the heavenly light bit. C’mon! That’s just cheap.

What Will ABC Do Now?

By Shawn Deena – How do you follow Lost? Seriously how do you replace the watershed show that spurned more conspiracy theories than Area 51? Will V (holding back ridiculous laughter) take its place? Or how about the umpteenth copycat show ABC has tried to drop on us (Flash Forward, Happy Town, Insert Name of Show that copies Lost here). Is ABC saying goodbye to their Sopranos?

Lost: The End

A few days ago, I read that one of the show’s creators had said that Lost is about the survivors of Oceanic 815, not the island (now, of course, I can’t remember where and can’t find it). The finale was definitely in service to that statement – there was closure with the characters, but there are still many questions about the island, the light cave, the nature of Desmond, and more.

Lost: Let’s Give Credit Where Credit is Due

71 survivors, 122 episodes, and who knows how many theories, and it all comes down to a battle between Jack and Locke (serving as representatives for good and evil). I’m obviously looking forward to the Lost finale more than the hardcore fans are. Looking forward to closure and the sense of freedom and relief that only comes when an addictive show goes off the air.

Lost: Across the Sea

There goes my theory of crazed, warring quantum physicists from another dimension, using the island as their experimental playground. Although that’s just as effing believable as the light that shines in every man. And, I swear, if that light turns out to be all the love in the world, I will . . .

Lost: The Candidate

The episode started out promising (really, though, any episode that starts off with a gun to Kate’s head can be considered promising), but didn’t deliver. How great would it have been if Widmore had just blown Kate away right there, cutting to the opening titles? What a shocking way to open! Right?!

Lost: Season 6 – Preparing for Disappointment

By Shawn Deena – For the last six or so years we as a collective fan base have followed a plotline that is so absurd it makes the story arc of The Matrix seem logical. We went from castaways on a spooky island, to a bunch of baddies, to another bunch of baddies and some new castaways, to a smoke monster, to baddies on a boat, to time travel, to temporal plot lines where one person is in the past and another isn’t, to now season six, where all of this will come together in the next four episodes.