Con Report: Wizard World Philly

By Lisa Fary – Wizard World Philly 2009 featured broken dreams, plenty of empty floor space, and Beaker smoking alone on a street corner in the rain. All for the price of $30 for Saturday admission.

Geek Survey: The Aristocrats!

By Lisa Fary

Get endorsed by an aristocrat, confuse Spain with Latin America. It’s just another day for an average, American home owner. See! McCain is just like you!

Geek Survey: Jack Bauer, Presidential Role Model

Jack Bauer isn’t the kind of guy I want running the country. He tortures people. Federal and international laws are mere suggestions to him. He has a creepy ability to go 24 hours with eating or peeing. But, John McCain would like us to think of him as Jack Bauer. At least, that’s what he told a Marie Claire reporter.

Geek Survey: Top Ten Uses for “McCain-Palin” Signs

Accusations of abusing power. Nearly recalled as mayor. Admitting on television that she’s not sure what the vice president does. Bathing in the very federal earmarks and pork that Jonh McCain dreams of hunting down and tossing into a stew of American prosperity.

Just how long will the “Palin” part of “McCain-Palin 2008” last? And if Sarah Palin is removed from the ticket, what the hell are we going to do with all of those “McCain-Palin” campaign signs?