Alphas: If Memory Serves

For the record, Good Guys don’t say things like, “His humanity is his weakness,” and then go burn a dude’s 200 year old farmhouse down.

NOF: No Ordinary Beginning

Superheroes have a hard time in primetime in recent memory. Smallville succeeded in part because it started 10 years ago and dealt with a familiar face. The Cape flat-out sucked. Heroes, starting strong, got too convoluted and died painfully. Wonder Woman – with a reboot concept I couldn’t wrap my head around – (thankfully?) didn’t get picked up (I question the thankfully because it might have worked. But I love WW and I would have hated hating it).

This is What a Terrible Comic Book Show Looks Like

For those of you who like it, feel free to revel in this sub-par comic book potpourri. For anyone who enjoys quality comic book films, stay away from this like the black goo that turned Eddie Brock into Venom. In the second episode of The Cape, Farraday says about his dedication, “My family is not my weakness, they’re my strength.” My strength is my remote when I turn this off.

Superheroes in Our Midst

I can’t deny being torn about this movement. I must admit to drawing my personal geek-line way before costumes generally. I respect people who cosplay and admire the work that often goes into it but it crosses into a world that’s a little too far for me. This of course is beyond that. The people involved in RLSH are taking their inspiration from the heroes I love, not just to emulate them at conventions or fan events but in real life as well. To try to apply some of their mankind helping virtues to the world we live in. I’m honestly not sure if this is inspiring or scary.

Tom Wheeler Talks About The Cape

By Thera Pitts – Like the humble citizens of a fictional metropolis (for example, Metropolis) fanboys and girls the world over are surrounded by superheroes, in books, in the movies and more frequently than eve, on the small screen. With Smallville coming to a close, No Ordinary Family doing well in the ratings and countless other hero dramas rumored to be in the works at various networks, standing out is key. Creator Tom Wheeler, hopes to do just that with his upcoming NBC series, The Cape

Heroes Cancelled: Memories, Missteps, and Cirrhosis

What happened to the Heroes heroes after Claire showed her ability to the world? Claire’s stunt was shown on cable news until Sarah Palin said something incoherent and Suri Cruise got a new outfit. So, about ten minutes. Then the footage made the rounds online where it was determined to be a viral campaign for a new superhero movie, which would undoubtably suck. The entire incident was promptly forgotten the moment a cat was caught being cute on video.

Heroes: Brand New Day

By TrinityVixen – In case you missed my many, many, many slavish love notes to all things Robert Knepper, I’ll sum it up in two words: dirty sex. Imagine the most morally-affronting, dirty-wrong-bad thing that you still find crazy hot, and that’s Robert Knepper as psycho-carnie Samuel, the earth-shifter.

Love Around the Geek TV Landscape

By Lisa Fary – Even though I don’t do Valentine’s Day, I’m no longer harbor a dark rage toward it. I’ve outgrown the trinkets, the cards, the need for validation in the midst of a consumerist ritual. However, this time of year does get me thinking about the fictional relationships we see and all the ways the make me angry (or make me smile – that does happen occasionally). Here are my thoughts on some current pairings.

Heroes: The Wall

By TrinityVixen – Between Bennet having been turned into a Company man by having his wife and unborn kid unceremoniously ‘fridged and his having originally hit on Sandra because Eric Roberts ordered him to, I’m not only not excited, I’m rocking in a corner, near unto tears. All so that Claire can find a reason not to trust her dad again. LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU, HEROES.