Being Human: Dream Reaper

My nightmare has become a reality which is a fitting lead-in into this week’s Being Human. An all-Sally episode. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth ensued.

The Fades: Season Finale

I hate endings, and leading up to this episode I worried about what was going to happen, who would die (namely, Paul) and how John could be stopped, and would that mean the end of Fades.

The Fades Episode 5

I’m not sure if Paul is being naïve because he is just 17 and absorbing the power that’s been revealed to him, or if he is honestly formulating a way to break open ascension to free everyone.

Being Human: Addicted to Love

Sally continues to recklessly body snatch a woman who is in a loving and committed relationship with a marginally attractive man. Are we supposed to feel okay that Sally’s essentially raping her by forcing her body to have sex with Marginally Attractive Boyfriend? Ick.

Being Human: All Out of Blood

Look, I’m all for developing bromantic tension between two male leads. But forcing a love triangle upon them? You’re better than that Dawson’s Creek crap.