Fringe: Letters of Transit

Thank you Fringe, for reminding me that I’m not against dramatic shifts in plot and tone per se, but only when they’re done poorly.

Fringe: The End of All Things

I had a moment of panic watching this episode, when Peter was in Baldo’s mind. I was afraid that Baldo’s speech about his origins and goals was going to get a little…spiritual.

Fringe: A Better Human Being

After watching six seasons of Jack and Kate on Lost dance around each other because of their “problems”, it’s very refreshing to see a couple take what they want and work through their problems instead of staying alone and moping about it.

Fringe: Welcome to Westfield

This was the episode I’ve been waiting for. It was engaging, bittersweet, and it set up the framework for the overarching problem of Mr. Jones, the two (three?) universes, and where Peter truly belongs.

7 Strangely Sexy Valentines

I’m still not getting totally on board the Valentine’s Day commercial love train. However, I will use it as an excuse to trot out my Curio Cabinet of TV Boyfriends (& Traveling Freak Show*) for a good old fashioned ogling.

Fringe: Making Angels

There are many passionate Astrid fans who have been waiting patiently for three seasons for an Astrid centric episode. This was long overdue.

Fringe: Forced Perspective

I hate to say it, but the Peter-less universe’s Olivia bothers me. I was cool with her at first. I liked how dark her story got. But this whole Nina thing has made me realize that this Olivia is not nearly as smart as the reg-universe Olivia.

Fringe: Enemy of My Enemy

On Twitter, Jaskia Nicole said that Alt-Astrid saying “cool” to the fact that Peter was from another universe was a nod to Abed on Community. Nicely done, Jaskia.