This Week in WebTV: Game On!

Like to watch other people play old video games (wow, that sounded kind of pervy, didn’t it)? Then you should be watching Co-Optitude. Featuring adorable geek goddess Felicia Day and her brother Ryon (and sometimes Ryon’s mustache), the webseries is basically just the two of them playing through old video games they never got to play back in the day. It’s hilarious.

Supernatural: Slumber Party

I am kind of done with the Felicia Day thing. She was great in the season 7 ender, and also good in the LARPing ep, but beyond that, I wouldn’t say her character does overmuch for the show. Now that doesn’t mean I am against a recurring female character. I miss Jo and Ellen, even Ruby and Bela. But all of those female characters had been developed enough that even if we hated them, we empathized with them. We felt something. With Charlie, I just keep counting the number of times she does the head cocked to the side twinkly eye maneuver.

Webseries Review: Geek and Sundry

As if all of the other regular TV stuff and webseries stuff Felicia Day has been doing isn’t enough, she has created an entire geek related web channel where viewers can get their fix of reviews, table games, book clubs, and more.

Q & A with Felicia Day

By WorldofHiglet – Ms Day took part in a Syfy conference call and answered questions about Red, her upcoming role in Syfy’s Eureka and what the future holds for The Guild and her other work. It is obvious she enjoyed the challenges of the Red. She worked out every day and made her dad very happy by spending time on the gun range with him for the first time to practice. It was physically demanding and she was covered in bruises, but is something she would love to do again.