Help Support Rob Kutner’s Shrinkage!

Rob Kutner is not some dude sitting on his sofa in his tighty whities, pounding out terrible comics with meaty, Cheeto-stained fingers. Previously a writer for The Daily Show with John Stewart and currently a writer on CONAN, Rob Kutner is legit and he needs help getting his comic series out.

Legacy and the Lure of Eternal Youth: The Scope of What DC has Lost

The history and legacy of the DC Universe surrounded its superheroes with a culture of heroism that is reflected in those that came before them, a culture that has its own mythology. It could be argued that the convoluted history of the DC Universe seems more immersive of an experience, whereas the heroes of Marvel rarely give a fig about [their heroes]

Significant Otters: Last One Lisa

I really do have a problem with hogging the last one of everything. John regularly finds himself staring down at an empty cookie plate or bag of chips or bottle of fun.

Significant Otters: Fowl Mood

I’ve got to work on my handwriting. I also need to stop the stupid homophone mistakes I tend to make when excited and writing quickly (special education teacher FTW).

Significant Otters: Socially Pooping

I have not literally pooped myself in public, but have done so figuratively – and socially – on numerous occasions. It’s like sticking your foot in your mouth, except things get stained.

Significant Otters: The New Year

For the past few months, I’ve been fiddling around with drawing a gag strip called Significant Otters, featuring a crude otter couple. I’m impatient, so I’m just scanning the strips right out of my sketchbook.

Comics: The Battle for Blood and Ink

I like the heroine, Ashe, quite a lot. She’s a plucky reporter with wit and a quick mind. The only thing I can’t really get behind with her is her wardrobe, which is a tiered full skirt, a bustier, and printers’ sleeves.