Interview: Vik Sahay

After I spent a few embarrassing moments gushing over my love for Lester, Mr. Sahay generously dished on his experiences with Jeffster!, what it meant saying goodbye to Chuck after five years, and his thoughts on East Indian roles in Hollywood today.

Chuck vs Bo

Bo Derek is no no Emma Peel, or Linda Carter, or a hundred other actresses of that era. Also, I thought skinny chicks weren’t supposed to eat, so why is she chewing the scenery so hard?

Chuck vs The Hack Off

You know what I’m really looking forward to with the series finale of Chuck? That I’ll be able to listen to that Cake song without having to change the lyrics. Right now I sing about how Chuck is a crappy spy. It’s not my A material but I think it’s funny.

Chuck vs Raygun Robyn

Raygun Robyn continues her hard-hitting investigation/ resuscitation of NBC’s Chuck this time in a conference call with Joshua Gomez, the actor responsible for Chuck’s best friend, Morgan Grimes.

Chuck vs The Bearded Bandit

Hello Friday Night Death Slot. How are you? In the great tradition of moving a show to Fridays while it runs out its final season/s, Chuck, you are in excellent company

Chuck vs The Zoom

Here we go. Another season of “Chuck”. Hopefully the last, unless the fans get all uppity about it again. But how many fans are left? I mean really. How many people have stuck with this show?

Saving NBC’s Chuck

Last season, Raygun Robyn helpfully offered NBC suggestions on improving Chuck. Surprisingly, NBC did not take them . So, when we had the opportunity to do a conference call with Chuck’s co-creator/executive producer, Chris Fedak, Robyn got to take her ideas directly to the source.