Beginning of Line Continues Caprica Where Syfy Left Off

by Teresa Jusino – It’s so awesome that I’m able to write about this as Sylvia is beginning her wonderful (and much-needed) series on fan fiction. In addition to being a fun and worthwhile pursuit in its own right, it has proven to be the lifeline through which its source material can continue to exist. Before Doctor Who returned to television in 2005, it existed solely as fan fiction for a good sixteen years, and many of the writers of the 2005 Who were products of fandom. People like Steven Moffat (the show’s current showrunner) and Paul Cornell (writer of some of the most popular stories in New Who) were writing fan fiction, keeping their beloved property alive any way they could! And now, Doctor Who is the most popular show on the BBC all these years later. All because fans just wouldn’t leave it alone.

Syfy Burns Me Again

On the heels of canceling Caprica, Syfy has canceled Stargate: Universe. This has gotten me thinking about my middle school crush, Johnny Daniels. As it turned out, Johnny Daniels was an idiot.

So Long, Caprica

The structure of Colonial society was far more interesting than the Cylon bits or the religious bits and could have led to deeply thought-provoking discussions. Caprica was a missed opportunity to do some hard-hitting science fiction addressing the multitude of problems on Earth (terrorism, which has been well represented in the show, is not the only problem we have; nor is it the biggest).

Caprica: False Labor

So, I’m sitting there, trying to watch Caprica, and all I can smell is cat pee. I think the that put a significant damper on my Caprica viewing experience. The other, non-peeing cat, had no such problems as she sat calmly on the ottoman, watching the entire show. I’ve only ever seen her do this with the Wesminster Dog Show.

Caprica: Things We Lock Away

Hey, costume people? Let’s talk for a minute. I have a question. What the hell are you doing?Are you trying to make Alessandra Toressani look awful? Are you? She’s a cute girl the size of my pinky and you are dressing her terribly. Look, skintight metallics don’t look good on anyone except for American Apparel models and even they look like 1980s public access dance video understudies.

Caprica: Retribution

As good as Carpica is, I’m finding that I’m simply not that interested in the architects of the Colonies’ ultimate destruction. We already know that, somehow, they’ll both succeed. What I’m interested in is the Adama family and I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been more of them. Cylons and grief and religion aside, the Adamas are the heart of the series. It’s their struggles – not Cylons – that tie BSG and Caprica together. I need more Adama and I need more Adama soon.

Caprica: Unvanquished

So, it was grief and generalized fear of death that lead to the downfall of civilization. That’s hell of an advert for grief counseling.

The Mysterious Case of Sasha Roiz

From the notes of Detective Teresa A. Jusino – It would’ve been easy to just let this go as just another case of re-fried brain, but the moment I looked at his face, even with the holoband on and under a year’s worth of facial hair, I recognized him. Just like that, the case became personal, and I had to find out what was at the bottom of it. The victim’s name is Sasha Roiz. And I knew him.

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