I Want My Autonomy

Behind every young heroine has to be a strong male presence to guide and control her so that she doesn’t become too dangerous (in other words, independent). These women may have the power to save the world, but they also have to be protected from themselves.

Have Our Pop Culture References Expired?

I guess in a way, the late 20th century pop culture references have expired .. but only on first mention. For those who “lived through them” it’s an instant connection in the same way a comic book geek says Sinister 6 and crystal then looks for the other comic book nerd to out himself. When that connection is made, it’s fun, cool sometimes kind of a signal that says, “Yeah I know why I need to go 88 miles per hour.”

Thank You Netflix for Ruining Regular TV

The thing is I would rather wait until the entire season of something is over and then watch it on Netflix, or flip around the new arrivals in the instant play library and see what series escaped me that I could now watch at my own leisure. I no longer desire to watch things as they air. Netflix basically ruined my TV watching experience. Nothing beats that joy, that ease, of simply deciding to watch “the next episode” If you haven’t done it, it’s like watching TV using a Pez dispenser. If you haven’t — you have no idea what you’re missing.

Thank you Netflix.

A Look into Contropussy… the Webcomic

by Amy Ratcliffe Mis-interpreted lyrics usually just lead to funny stories. Well, until the internet came along and allowed you to correct your friend with a twenty second Google search. Anyways. In the case of Contropussy, it led to a kicking webcomic. Emma Caulfield (yes, that Emma Caulfield, Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was […]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 13 Years Too Late

By Shawn Deena – I never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was first on television. But, thanks to the Netflix, all seven seasons of BTVS are now available for my viewing pleasure. After watching the first two seasons, I’m sharing my thoughts. Go ahead – start the hate mail now.

Buffy for Beginners 4.19: New Moon Rising

By Sabrina Boyer – So Oz is back. But the thing is, Willow’s kinda gay now. She and Tara are even thinking about getting a cat together and naming it Ms. Kitty Fantastico or Trixy. Tara even wants her dorm room to be Willow-friendly. Tara’s even going to the Scoobie meetings. And when she’s there, Oz shows up in the extremely monosyllabic way that he does with “Hey” and things get awkward.

Comics Round-Up: Week of 4/7

by Teresa Jusino So, I was in the comic shop yesterday (Cosmic Comics on E. 23rd Street in NYC for those who want to find me on Wednesday afternoons), and there are these two guys standing in front of the new releases chatting away and taking up space. Says one to the other: “God, there’s […]

Why I Hope Dr. Horrible Stays on the Internet

by Juliana Weiss-Roessler I know the idea of seeing our favorite musical supervillain and his hammer-headed nemesis on the big screen has many people squeeing with delight, but it has me cringing. When I first heard the rumors that Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog might have a film sequel instead of a web one, I instantly […]