Win A Free Book! London Falling by Paul Cornell

Today we have a copy of Paul Cornell’s new book, London Falling, to giveaway to a Pink Raygun reader. To enter, answer me this: You’re a paranormal beastie in an urban fantasy novel. What city are you terrorizing and why?

Books: Headstones and Monuments

Headstones and Monuments isn’t horror as we’ve come to know it. The stories therein are subtle and have an innocence to them that remind me of those days when a simple story about a half-wolfen mad scientist in the forest could leave a kid wide awake in an uncomfortable bunk.

Books: The Fractal Prince

It took a lot of effort to get through The Fractal Prince because the author, Hannu Rajaniemi, gives the reader nothing. I appreciate his assumption that the reader is a smart person with strong deductive abilities; however, a lot of his concepts aren’t identifiable by context clues alone.

Books: This Case is Gonna Kill Me

After years of oversexed vampires, Bornikova’s single vampire-sex scene is refreshingly awkward and appropriately unsexy (just like sex with a dead guy should be!).

Books: Kitty Steals The Show

Twihard Rehabilitation Factor: Moderate. Kitty Norville isn’t an ingenue and has a stable, healthy relationship with her husband, so she may not immediately interest the average Twihard. She can, however, teach them a thing or two about being plucky.