NYCC Dudes in Costume

With the proliferation of photos of women in cosplay at conventions, it’s easy for me to forget that dudes wear costumes to conventions, too.

Starbucks in Starbucks

by Juliana Weiss-Roessler How does this photo exist since Dirk Benedict is notorious for hating how Ron Moore reimagined (or, as he refered to it, “unimagined”) the original Battlestar Galactica series ? He even derisively referred to Katee Sackhoff’s version of the character as “Stardoe.” Related Stuff:

7 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Accessories to Love

by Amy Ratcliffe You have to admit that in space or Middle Earth, accessories can go very wrong. I think someone once decided that jewelry in space had to be large and reflective. Fantasy epics seem to tend towards tribal themes with shells and nuts. Both of these options can be done well, but it’s […]

Geek Gear

by Amy Ratcliffe Back in high school (not so long ago, definitely not over a decade ago), it wasn’t easy to find fellow geeks. Besides the fact that I am from a small town, classmates didn’t usually wave their geek flags out in the open. They kept it tucked away in the dusty hall closet. […]

Number Six Bracelet How-To

by Amy Ratcliffe When I made the list of things necessary to my Number Six red dress costume, the bracelet was at the top.  It is part of the outfit, as is the silver ring.  I spent more than a couple of hours scouring the internet looking for a replica or a source. Related Stuff:

Caprica Countdown – Day 5

By WorldofHiglet – Caprica is separate, but related to, Battlestar Galatica, as Mark Stern, executive vice president of original content for Syfy and co-head of Universal Cable Productions, said at the Caprica Press Tour. Over the Four Seasons of BSG the true nature of the Cylons (and everything else, for that matter) was hinted at, picked over and teased apart until the final reveal. And yet…so many things still unknown.

Caprica Babe: Sex Sells, Even When It’s Not the Point

By Teresa Jusino – Once again, SyFy sells women short. They say they want to draw in female viewers, and yet they hide the fact that their arsenal now contains an amazing female character while they resort to the same old hottie shots of their female lead. It seems female BSG fans will have to take it upon themselves to let other women know that this incarnation of the Battlestar universe is, in fact, “woman-friendly.” SyFy sure as hell doesn’t seem to want to do it.

Caprica Countdown – Day 12

By WorldofHiglet – In a few short days the new series from Syfy, Caprica, will burst onto our screens. I’ve been waiting for this since the end of BSG, so to count us down in style I’ve concocted the Caprica Countdown, packed full of must-have* information about the series. And on Release Day, Jan 22th, you can read my report from the Caprica set as you wait anxiously for the 9 PM Eastern Time. And don’t forget the PinkRaygun/Caprica give away Haiku Challenge.