Obama-Romney Science Cage Fight!

I never get enough of the presidential candidates talking about science and science policy. Unless they’re talking about evolution vs. creation in public school science classrooms or the finer points of when a woman is pregnant (now as early as two weeks before conception occurs!), science and science policy are not frequently discussed.

A Concerned Zombie’s Guide to Election 2012

The 2012 presidential election has been slightly less dramatic than its 2008 counterpart.  This round, rather than being total open season for both parties, we have an incumbent on one side and a gaggle of out of touch old white men on the other. Fellow zombies, it may feel safe to sit this one out. […]

Ask an Amateur Scientist: 
Accentuating the Positive

By Brian Thompson

I. The Setup

I apologize if I’m a bit rambly this week, but my head’s still spinning from last night. And no, that’s no metaphor. In addition to celebrating Barack Obama’s victory with wine, whiskey, and oral sex, I also broke out the old Necronomicon and summoned a few demons—you know, to liven up the party.

We the Geeks of the United States

by Nancy Mathews

Dear Joe Six Pack,

I wanted to write to you to assure you that all is well. There is no need to fear the Presidency of Barack Obama. The geeks and nerds of the world are extremely trustworthy.

Ask an Amateur Scientist: Citizen Obama?

By Brian Thompson

I. The Setup

Let’s get this out of the way up front. I’m voting for Barack Obama. I have many reasons, though I don’t believe I really have to go through them all with the Pink Raygun crowd. Suffice it to say, I like the idea of smart people commanding the military, I don’t like the idea of borderline lobotomized attack dogs being one heart attack away from the Oval Office, and I really want to stick it to racists.

Geeks for Obama #3: The Initiative

By Teresa Jusino

No matter what side of the registration debate you supported during Marvel’s Civil War, you have to admit that the 50 State Initiative idea Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Reed Richards came up with was a solid one.

Geeks for Obama #2: You Can’t Stop the Signal

by Teresa Jusino

Malcolm Reynolds needed a warrior, a pilot, a mechanic, a companion, a doctor, a psychic, and a priest in order to expose the evil of the Alliance.

Teams are important. And so, before we can do anything, we need to build a team – a network of people who are willing to work, willing to reach out to the geeks of America and say Hey! Get off your butt and do something! Or at least go out and vote on November 4th! You can get back to that comic book LATER!