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  • Carina Perez, Lindsey McDowell, Chelsea Jones, Vyvy Nguyen, and Gabriela Banus
    MisSpelled, A Witchy Webseries

    MisSpelled features a cast of 5 witches that have no clue what they’re doing! This lack of control tends to get them in pretty hot water. Can the girls save themselves and their families from the dark forces out to get them? They don’t know, but they can Google it.

  • incidental twin header
    Geeks and Science on Your Fingers: Incidental Twin Nail Polish

    Sami Holloway’s label, Incidental Twin, creates fandom-inspired nail colors like “Loki Stole My Feels”, “I’ll Be in My Bunk,” and “Not A Psychopath”. However, my personal favorites are Sami’s science inspired polishes, including colors such as “Marie Curie”, “Tesla”, and “Horse Head Nebula”.

  • Poster-51-Poster thumb
    Kickstarting The Apocalypse with Diani & Devine

    “We’re raising a lot of money. It’s more than I’ve ever made in a year doing anything, but it’s not a lot with which to make a movie. So, that’s going to be a challenge to get a feature film made on that budget and have it be what we want it to be. But, we’re going to be creative and work fast and dirty.”

  • PBlogoFINAL
    Healthy & Delicious: Phantom Fuel Bars

    “Phantom FUEL is my line of all-natural granola bars… They’re chewy and delicious, but packed with protein, iron, and fiber that will keep you feeling full a lot longer than you’d think…. There are plenty of fabulous ingredients ….and I use a few of the super-tasty ones to mask all of the super-healthy ones in Phantom FUEL. Everybody wants to eat healthier, but nobody wants to chomp down on something as tasteless as cardboard …And if you can get a bunch of protein and fiber and iron in something that tastes this good, wouldn’t you want to eat it every day??”

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. now 100% Hasselhoff free.
    Free Pumpkin Carving Stencil: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Logo

    Yeah, it’s just a little bit early for free pumpkin carving templates. Sure, the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem pretty much already looks ..


  • badland girls logo
    Badland Girls: Depressing Monkey Movie

    This week, we keep things short and just go over our regular features. That doesn’t stop us from gabbing about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, manga, and Star Trek.

  • true blood lost cause
    True Blood: Lost Cause

    Sam’s girlfriend served as a timepiece this episode, reminding us that only three days have passed since the HepV attack. She also served as moral judge, deciding that having a party was a screwed up response to the recent events. However, these people have been through a serial killer, a homicidal maenad, witches, Russell Edgington, these HepV vampires, and a Republican governor. The people in Sookie’s house were the ones to live through it all. So, yeah. Let’s party.

  • Big Brother
    Dear Caleb: Women Don’t Owe You Anything

    Just because the other houseguests voted to evict Devin, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the house approves of your behavior and your treatment of Amber.

  • badland girls logo
    Badland Girls: Pizza Love the News

    This week, Rhea and Destiny discuss some of their very favorite things! Find out which foods, clothing items, and abstract concepts make them smile! Also, we debut the song we wrote about the person who gave us our 100th “Like” on Facebook!

  • falling-skies-exodus
    Falling Skies: Exodus

    Anne Glass: Action Pediatrician and her team are transitioning from wandering to following the one lead the have: Lexi is somewhere in the West. Never mind that “The West” is the vaguest possible location. How far to the west? How many days march? Exactly which Chinatown in the west? SO MANY QUESTIONS.


  • Lucy-Banner
    Prize Pack Giveaway: LUCY

    I really want to see Luc Besson’s Lucy this summer, but I can’t help myself. I have to do this. LADYBRAINZ! I’m sorry you had to see that. To console you, we have a Lucy themed prize pack to giveaway!

  • spring 2015 menswear
    Apocalypse Closet: Spring 2015 Menswear

    I maintain that fashion is a projection of society: where our heads are and where we want to be. With that in mind, there was a disturbing nostalgia for “the good old days” when men were men and women couldn’t get contraception.

  • TheFallen
    GIVEAWAY: A Zombie Prize Pack from The Fallen!

    As a teenager, it’s normal to think that all adults are out to get you. In the world of Charlie Higson’s series The Enemy, they really are. The Fallen, the fifth book in the series hit stores this week and we have a hefty prize pack to giveaway!

  • resort 2015 header
    Apocalypse Closet: Resort 2015

    “Resort means nothing. Who buys clothes exclusively for going to a resort?” Asked Oscar de la Renta as he presented his resort collection. I love anyone who taunts the hand that feeds them. nd, for this season, the most conspicuously consumerist of all the seasons, Oscar even has some clothes I like. Which is a first since that blue Barbie ball gown I bought with my allowance back in 198cough.

  • CityofHeavenlyFire
    Prize Pack: City of Heavenly Fire

    City of Heavenly Fire, the final book in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series has landed in book stores and this morning, we have a Mortal Instruments prize pack for one lucky Pink Raygun reader!