Orphan Black Season 2 Ep 1 – Nature Under Constraint and Vexed


Welcome back to the return of the Clone Club. I’m so very pleased to have this on my television again. We left a lot of strings dangling. Here’s the list of my questions from the end of Season One, and it looks like we already got quite a few answers in this first hour back in the world of clones. All in all this was a great premiere and I look forward to learning more and having adventures with my favorite clones, religious extremists, police officers, the best brother anyone could ever ask for, and more.

Of course spoilers from this point on, and we’ll start with those questions/answers:

– Will Sarah call in team police for help getting Kira back? (call not so much, but Team Police remains in play)

– Will we be seeing more or less of Alison next season? (Looks like the original trio will be back)

– Will Aynsley come back to haunt her? (In a way at least)

– Whose team are you on Delphine? (apparently all of them)

– How much farther down the rabbit hole will team police fall? (Apparently all the way Art, all the way)

– Why do I have to wait until April? Welcome back show.

We start with a bang, and everyone’s phones being disconnected not the least bit suspicious. Oh and Creeper One and Creeper Two. Yeah I’m not shocked that didn’t go well. This entire diner scene is like the opening to a spy thriller or something. And, well, when the first episode of a show has a woman seeing what looks like her twin calmly stepping in front of the train, we should expect nothing less from the cold open of Season Two.



Its always fun to see Felix and Alison interact. Alison, you have some interesting connections. Ramon has a lot of jobs, he keeps busy after all. I like that Alison is trying to get her life back on its mundane track, but will do her best to help out Team Clone. It seems like she will always be willing to help but would like more distance.

Hello Team Police. Detective Deangelis is really gung-ho about arresting Sarah for everything that happened in season 1 apparently. I like that they are both investigating the case and trying to figure out what is really going on as there are too many people with the same exact face. Also, I appreciate the fact that they admit they can’t actually do anything, while I would think Sarah, stealing Beth’s face, can’t be wiped away with a lawyer and money, whatever. Also, yes, bring Art into the Clone Club circle. He will come in handy, really!

Delphine, have you figured out yet if you are siding with the bad guys? Cause it doesn’t seem like it. You do exactly what Cosima doesn’t want you to, by giving the sample to Dr. Leekie, but you’re clearly not happy about it. Whose side do you think you are on?

I like that we seem to be getting a base line for all the characters. Even though for them no time has actually passed since we last saw them, as the episode moves along we see all the key players and where they stand. I like this notion of forming plans. We like plans. Plans are good. It also lead to the discovery that I can tell when clones are dressed as other clones a first glance. Which I suppose in reality is  a nod to Tatiana and her skill at playing the clone, disguised as another clone. I really like that they brought up the Supreme Court Decision. It was an interesting decision and actually would have a fascinating impact on the characters, especially if they go public. That would be one whopper of a fight.

Paul, what are you even doing? Do you know what side you are even on? Getting close to Rachel, for what exactly. And on that front-  Rachel, Rachel, the level of self importance you have for yourself is worrying. ‘No one touches me?’ Dear,we haven’t even gotten to Helena. Hell, Alison will end you. Pretty much you were safe until you decided to show yourself as an important player.



And just when I thought that Rachel not having Kira was the big reveal, sweet Jesus Murder clone is still alive. Damn Helena. I suppose we have already learned that your pain tolerance is insanely high but wow. ‘Help me, my sister shot me’, is something. And we have more of the creepy religious nuts, and likely the ones holding Kira. This does not bode well for anyone.

New Questions:

– What does it take to kill Helena? Sword to the neck? I mean she is going around killing clones. There can be only one.

– So who the hell has Kira? The religious nuts that created Helena? Yeah that’s not gonna end badly.

– Where are you Mrs. S. as that was clearly a dude doing the hair brushing?

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