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Once Upon A Time: A Curious Thing

Ha! The pendant is the key to destroying Zelena! I CALLED IT!

Now, because I’m feeling lazy, here’s my take on “A Curious Thing” in pictures.

regina 2 a curious thing

That is the most awesome collar I have ever seen. I want a detachable one that I can wear with all of my outfits. Including my gym clothes.

hook a curious thing

For a dangerous pirate, Hook sure does get defeated and screwed over a lot.

snow white a curious thing

Apparently during their gap year, Snow White took a masterclass in guilt tripping.

emma once upon a time a curious thing

Poor Emma never gets to be happy. Is it too much to ask to have a normal life for her kid? It is? OK, then.

once upon a time a curious thing

The Snow Charmings were charming in this ep. They made me believe in true love for a second and I didn’t even want to throw up.

regina hearts a curious thing

Regina used to love ripping out hearts. This was a nice turn for her.

wicked witch a curious thing

Zelena’s my favorite character right now because WICKED WITCH DON’T CARE.

And my favorite moment of the episode…..

granny once upon a time a curious thing

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