New Year’s Day in Philly: You’ve Never Seen Steampunk Like This

Woohoo! It’s the Mummers! My favorite thing in Philly!

After 2013’s apocalypse anxiety ridden presentations, several of the 2014 Mummers Fancy Brigades went down the fantasy road with steampunk, classic fantasy literature, and Atlantis.

MyPhl17 is the only TV station that covers the annual Mummers Parade and Fancy Brigade competitions and it’s to my endless irritation that their video embed codes don’t bloody work. So, here are some photos and links to video!

(all photos via PHL17)

South Philly Vikings went steampunk with their theme, “City of Steam”. Click here for video.





Shooting Stars: “Atlantis – Guardians of The Deep”. Click here for video. 



Clevemore tackled The Wizard of Oz. Click here for video. 

clevemore 2014 oz 2

clevemore 2014 oz 3

clevemore 2014 oz

Satin Slipper: “Adventures of Enchantment”. Click here for video.

satin slipper 2014 2

satin slipper 2014

Downtowners: “Beyond Wonderland – A Mad Hatter’s World”. Click here for video.

downtowners 2014 2

downtowners 2014 1

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