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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Sandman is Terrible

I am not on the Joseph Gordon-Levitt train.

I liked him in Looper, but he was forgettable in The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. I really disliked him in (500) Days of Summer. Probably doesn’t help that I flat out hated those three movies anyway. And Looper? That was such a good story that I would’ve liked it no matter who was in the lead role.

There’s something about JGL’s presence that just irritates the $h!t out of me. It’s the same feeling I get from Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper. When they show up on screen, I want to punch it.

Those are obviously not my most rational moments in life.

So, JGL makes me want to punch things. Then this happened:

gordon levitt tweet

The Sandman. With Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring.


And directing.


I was never interested in a Sandman adaptation to begin with, but I had a better attitude about it when it was in the works as a series on The CW.

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  1. I’m glad he clarified that he’s not playing Dream. I’m a fan of his, and his directorial debut (Don Jon) was at least interesting. I always imagined a 35-50 year old British actor playing Dream. Someone old enough to have the gravitas that comes with experience, but still young enough for the look of the character. Tom Hiddleston, maybe. It would never happen, but I would love to see someone like Paul McGann in the role.

  2. He clarified a bit and said he’s just producing…for now. I don’t think he looks broody enough to be Dream but hot damn he would make a REALLY good Desire.

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