Guardians of The Galaxy


Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga  Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga sorry. It’s the ear worm.

Guardians of the Galaxy, go see it.  Its so much fun. A movie about very different people coming together for a singular cause.  Because if they can’t protect the Galaxy they can sure as hell Av…wait sorry, wrong movie.  This movie does give us how to do a team up/origin movie all lumped together without making it tiresome or exposition heavy.


Mild Spoilers abound.

It was interesting to see a movie where I knew more about all of the background characters, Kree, Nova Corps, Thanos, The Collector, than I did about the main cast.  I haven’t read any Guardians of The Galaxy comics, though I did poke the Wiki when I first saw the trailer before The Winter Soldier.  Pretty much everyone one else in the movie pops up in other Marvel comics that I have read.  


The movie opens with its only scene on earth in the 1980s, before jumping to where we have seen all the previews.  It quickly gets to where we start meeting the other Guardians,  We get the most glorious scene on Xandar.  Peter ‘Star-Lord’ Quill has stolen that lovely orb from all the trailers and there is a price on his head, Groot and Rocket want to collect, and Gamora wants the orb.

Shockingly, the shenanigans end up getting everyone arrested and we get to prison and meet the last so called Guardian of the Galaxy, Drax.  All have their reasons, and much like the events that got them all arrested. They slowly start becoming a team, finding ways to work together, and using their strengths to their best ability.  Even as they are plotting in prison we have Nebula and Ronan closing in on them. Everyone wants that orb.


Nebula and Gamora are two very interesting cases, both daughters of Thanos  who have issues, to say the very least, with their father.  Both show the kind of skill that explains why one is nicknamed the most dangerous woman in the universe, and one so modified she clearly is part machine now.  Watching them both fight is great as they are two of the few characters that actually get into old fashioned fights and prefer bladed weapons.

The Girl Who Waited

The Girl Who Waited

On the other side of the  Story we have Thanos, Ravagers, The Collector, Nebula, and  Ronan the destroyer, a member of the Kree race.  Oh the Kree, even when they are nominally on your side, they are all, “Not my circus, not my monkey.” Uh guys he’s Kree. The Kree: “That’s nice.”  But mostly I went Kree! So  Captain Mar-Vell to give me Captain Marvel? Eh? Eh? But that’s a movie for another time.

We get more Thanos who we haven’t seen since The Avengers end credits and the Collector who we haven’t seen since the Thor end credits.  Everyone seems to be playing their own side while our good guys are trying to stay on the same side. Each member of Team Good has their moment for good or for ill and sometimes both and by the end of the movie you are rooting for the Guardians. (If you weren’t long before that).


There are a  lot of fun moments and surprises, and both end credit sequences are fun, but don’t open the door to the next wave of Marvel movies.  We already know we will have a Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so we are ready for more fun  adventures with the team at a future date.


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  1. I loved the sh!t out of this movie!

    True story: we went to a Regular-D matinee today and wound up in a theater with about a hundred pre-schoolers on a field trip. Those little kids were effing awesome and I don’t know if I would’ve liked Guardians as much if they weren’t there to oooh and ahhhh and giggle and clap at all the right times. Because sometimes I forget that, if we want this all to continue, it has to be marketable to kids and not just to adult nerds.

    And sometimes, I just want to be reminded of how it felt to be a tiny person in a movie theater with the entire world in front of me.

    But, yeah. Guardians of The Galaxy is THE BEST.

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