falling skies the eye

Falling Skies: The Eye

OK, it wasn’t the Volm after the vigilante known as Ghost; it was the Espheni. So sue me. After almost a year, I’d forgotten what they all look like.

Weaver has gone total loose canon. His hair is swept back in a tight ponytail, giving the illusion of control and self-discipline, but he’s cracking. For the entire run of the show, I’ve been confined that Weaver was going to die any second from his heart problems or his drinking problems or whatever else. This may be the season that Weaver really does die. His daughter is gone, he’s not in charge of the 2nd Mass anymore, he doesn’t have the people’s respect anymore. Everything Weaver has ever had in the Falling Skies-verse has been taken from him. And he has a heart problem? Weaver is toast.

Tom Mason: Action Professor unveiled himself as Ghost after inspiring some copycat vigilantes. In a calculated risk, he managed to learn the Espheni’s plan and their vulnerabilities in the Charleston Human Ghetto. It’s really great how the Espheni just keep on keeping Tom Mason: Action Professor alive. They’re either incredibly stupid, or genuinely value his intelligence and leadership abilities as resources to be exploited. I’ve repeated said that the Masons are the luckiest family alive. Falling Skies, while not the smartest show on television, is certainly not stupid enough to make that all a coincidence. The Masons are all being kept alive for a reason.

And what’s this about another, even greater threat that the Espheni are prepping against?  Are we getting a third alien race this season? Cochise did say last week that the Volm had been threatened elsewhere, but didn’t specify that the threat was from the Espheni.

Hmmmm, maybe if the Espheni and the Volm stopped acting like they’re on Lost and started acting like the bloody damned advanced species that they are, they could work together with humanity to fend off this other threat. Instead, they all acted like a$$h0les and look what happened. Everyone is working against each other and there’s mysticism afoot.

I hate when mysticism is afoot.

The mysticism is so weird to see in Falling Skies.  Until this season, the mystical and spiritual have been completely ignored, which is something I love about Show. However, I can see Show setting up a showdown between mysticism and science, played out between Dr. Kadar (super-scientist) and Lourdes (devout Catholic who had her head invaded by the enemy and was freed by a power no one understands, yet). Adding a South African physicist to the cast only re-enforces that idea. I’m sure this is going somewhere. I’m sure it’s going to be a comment on our current state of affairs regarding science literacy. After all, a poorly educated and desperate population is always more willing to accept a supernatural explanation than a scientific one. Ghosts are easier to accept than quantum fields (I got that from Thor: The Dark World).

Annnnnnd…. early on this season, we’re getting to the “WE HAVE TO TRUST POPE!” episode. At least we’re getting that over with early. Hey! Maybe Pope will finally die!

Not that I’m begrudging Colin Cunningham an ability to make his living. It’s actually a testament to Cunningham’s abilities that I hate Pope so much. But, seriously, I’m sick of this character’s crap. It’s time for Pope to either be part of humanity’s team or die. #LetsKillPope!

Lastly, I do have to ask, in a world where can of beans are hard to come by and everyone is covered in dirt, HOW IS IT that Hal Mason has such a close shave all the time?

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