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Falling Skies: Ghost in The Machine

OK. Falling Skies is going The Full Nazi this season. I did not expect that. Honestly, after last season’s finale, I didn’t know what to expect…..other than being disappointed. Funny thing about me and Falling Skies: I always expect it to disappoint and yet, it rarely does.

That, alone, is a surprise for me and TNT. Although…..does anyone else remember their adaptation of Animal Farm? With Frasier as Snowball and Captain Picard as Napoleon? That was badass. TNT has the ability to do social commentary and be awesome. For the most part, they play to the middle, but when it matters, TNT does pretty well.

Tom Mason: Action Professor, for all of his scrawling presidential speeches and legal texts on the walls of his solitary cell, seems to have not learned true history. What he has to do, is imagine that his oppressors are the United States. What has the most powerful force on Earth done to other countries perviously? If Tom Mason: Action Professor would be willing to go there, he’d probably find his solutions much faster. But, TNT is aiming this at Middle America and you can’t really tell those viewers that the USA is anything other than benevolent, otherwise they just watch more Duck Dynasty and eat more Chik-Fil-A as if that’s some sort of protest and not just what the powers that be had in mind in the first bloody place.

Meanwhile, Anne Glass has become Anne Glass: Action Pediatrician, leading her own little ragtag group and organizing fertilizer bombs. LIKE A BOSS.

And still MEANWHILE……. Middle Mason wakes up in some cliched Chinatown where Lexi has miraculously transformed from a little brown girl with black hair to a tall white woman with blonde hair. Was the whitewashing part of the aliens’ plans? I bet it was. They probably watched us for a long time.

falling skies lexi brown
falling skies lexi white


The only thing that really bothers me about Chinatown is that it’s so obviously the Charleston mall set redecorated. And, I suppose, also…why does the mystical part have to be Chinatown? Why can’t it be Polish Town or Little Italy or something? When I think of China, I don’t think of New Age Peace. I think of superhuman efficiency that built a 100 mile bridge in four years. Maybe that’s just because I read stuff. Does everyone else think of China as this New Age-y sort of place where everyone is at peace? Am I surrounded by morons?

Obviously, not. Because some people know recent history. Other than Tom Mason: Action Professor and The Littlest Mason: Subversive HJ Recruit, the only other person in the Falling Skies verse to know anything about this sort of human history is a guy from South Africa. who’s lived it recently within his own lifetime.

falling skies south africa guy

Mpho Koahlo, who plays Anthony, is descended from South African parents. I’m relieved every time I see his face because he’s been there since the beginning and I genuinely like his character. I deeply hope that this new character, who’s experienced the worst of South Africa, came about because of Koahlo. Maybe it was all independent. Who knows. But, TV shows aren’t written in a vacuum.

mpho koaho

Now, let’s talk about The Full Nazi.

We have adult humans sequestered into human ghettos where they fight for food an resources. We have human children sequestered in Hitler-Jugend re-education camps, complete with a perfect blonde Aryan at the head of the group. Of course, The Littlest Mason is there and pushing against this. He was already shown to be rebellious last season; now, he has something real to rebel against. And he likes explosives, too? That Espheni HJ camp is in for a ride. I’d also like to point out that The Littlest Mason knows his history, which is a big part of what’s saving him. History has taken a back seat in the last couple seasons, but I think, with the way things are getting in our real world, history is going to start being a big part of Falling Skies again. It needs to be.

We need to remember that we came from occupation. But, we also need to be more fluid in our definition of occupation. No, there isn’t another country inflicting its will upon us. There is, however, an extraordinarily wealthy minority who is inflicting their will upon all of us. And that’s what I see when I see the aliens of Falling Skies.

I don’t see some multi-national or ethnic bogeyman. I see the wealthy minority eliminating the excess and subverting our children. But, I’m also really good at playing twelve-dimensional chess.

So, all of this is happening. And who is it who wants to take out Tom Mason: Action Professor’s vigilante alter-ego, Ghost???????

The Volm. THE VOLM. Who is really our enemy, here? Is it both alien species? Or is humanity just collateral damage in their war with each other?

Also, there’s some kind of dragonfly alien, now? What the hell is that?

And, lastly…..can we just kill off Pope? PLEASE?

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