Falling Skies: Exodus

There are numerous things Falling Skies does well and just as many at which it fails. Transitional episodes are one of Show’s consistent failures. It always wants to spend too much time explaining and repeating how and why every change in circumstances was made instead of just doing it. So, those transitional eps, which should be excited, wind up being slow and obnoxious.

The ghetto residents are transitioning from captivity and CERTAIN DEATH! to freedom via an elaborate break out scheme involving a Faraday suit, explosives and possibly tunnels. (I missed that part. Sorry. I was caught up in some Netflix/ Sony drama and got distracted).

Anne Glass: Action Pediatrician and her team are transitioning from wandering to following the one lead the have: Lexi is somewhere in the West. Never mind that “The West” is the vaguest possible location. How far to the west? How many days march? Exactly which Chinatown in the west? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

The Littlest Mason is also doing something. But, it isn’t the least bit interesting, so I’m not going to bother any further with that.

The only thing that isn’t transitioning is the Chinatown cult, which just keeps on down its path of whuut? Maggie had hidden guns, Lexi sprained Maggie’s wrist, and true believers are required to wear floaty hippy dresses to proclaim their faith.

Finally, Pope may be transitioning from “Self-Serving Jackass” to “Self-Serving Jackass Who Can Be Trusted in Some Situations”. All of the sudden, the ghetto was relying on him to Faraday-suit up, get over the wall in 90 seconds or less, and take out the tether. Of course, Pope couldn’t bring himself to double-strap that backpack full of explosives, so he dropped it and added a few more minutes of tension on either side of the commercial break.

That was the longest 90 seconds of my life. And I’ve been stricken with an intestinal parasite in the wilderness with no toilet paper. I know the slow, chafing way in which time can pass.

Anyway, maybe we’ll be getting a redemption arc for Pope this season. I’m down with that as long as he dies at the end of it.

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