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Celebrate Love Through Commerce

It’s Valentine’s Day! The day when the gift/greeting card industrial complex encourages us all to fee like garbage about our relationships! Or about not having one at all! Our media/families/friends/co-workers do that all the time anyway, but on Valentine’s Day, it’s sanctioned!

What irritates me most about Valentine’s Day is the way our overlords have made it all about feminine emotion, women’s expectations, and men’s inability to deliver on corporate approved expressions of love and romance.  All our modern Valentine’s Day does is provide another outlet to vilify women and anything considered feminine.

To help us make the transition from rant to naked capitalism, here’s Manu Bennett naked on a horse:

manu bennett on a horse

Photo by Juan Monetti

Here are some cards and stuff for your loved one. So what if it’ll get there late? Late is better than a $1 piece of plastic from the seasonal aisle at CVS.



Card from Row House 14


Card from The Naughty Little Card Shop

hate most things

Print from Paperchat


Print by Monkey Minion Press

The following options are printable instant downloads, so you can still have something for Friday if you’re into stuff like punctuality.

precious valentine

Printable Card from Somebody Loved

star trek printable

Printable Card from Somebody Loved

ron swanson meat tornado

Printable Card from Honey House Treasures

breaking bad valentine

Printable Card from Turtles Soup

red shirt valentine

Printable Card by Danielle Robbins

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  1. Mr. Bennett: Weirder accidents have happened than getting your tackle box ensnared in the reins. Just sayin’.

    The Star Trek “red-shirt” = LOL!

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