Citizen Geek: Where’s Gandalf?

Lately things have been getting pretty sci-fi, with legislation that, knowingly or not, invokes stuff like The Handmaid’s Tale, A Boy and His Dog, and The Time Machine (possibly even They Live, because you just can’t be sure).

Things Learned on the Internet This Week: 2010-14

by John D. Seems like the iPad launch took up most of my internet browsing this week, as I tried to figure out if this thing was going to be useful as anything more than a content consumption device. Still, the following caught my eye. Related Stuff:

Things Learned on the Internets this Week

Week 2010-13 by John D. Not as much internetting this week as Pink Raygun World Headquarters makes a move to it’s new apartment (complete with Undergound Lair!). But still, a few things jump right out at us. Related Stuff:

35th Annual Saturn Awards Nominations

It’s the Oscars and Emmys for geeks! Nominations for the 35th annual Saturn Awards have been announced. The awards ceremony will take place on June 25th. We have the complete list after the jump.

In Memory of Kim Manners.

Good Night, Dear Heart by Sylvia Bond In hard times such as we have been having, it would be nice to think that some things don’t change, that talent, once discovered, will last forever. Alas, this is not the case. I learned today to my dismay that one of my favorite directors had passed away […]

In Memoriam 2008

It’s expected that people pass on every year, but 2008 has been particularly bad for genre. Every time we turned around, another icon, another great or another destined to be great, passed away. So, we’d like to take a moment and remember those we lost this year.