The Event: A Message Back

“When they wrote that 150 years ago, they weren’t thinking about the situation we’re in now.” Oh, snap! Suck on that, Constitutional Originalists! Especially you, Justice Scalia.

The Event: And Then There Were More

Admittedly, I’ve been kinda adrift since Heroes and Lost ended – I just don’t feel complete as a person unless I’m being antagonized by some show. It’s not as easy as it sounds. The perpetrator/show can’t simply be bad, lest I lose interest and stop watching (case in point: The Cape). It’s got to transcend plain badness and still have something that keeps me interested and coming back.

So, in an attempt to get back that old feeling, I’m giving The Event a shot at being my TV adversary.

The Event: A Matter of Life and Death

By Keri – As The Event’s mythology grows, as the writers find their voice and the actors grow more comfortable with the roles, I find myself more willing to be critical of them. With the first couple of episodes I always cut some slack, mostly because you don’t hit kindergartners with a SAT test on their first day. You let them wander around and be cute and look for flashes of natural talent. And with this show, yes, I’ve seen some flashes, but it’s finally time to level some criticism.

The Event: Protect Them From The Truth

By Keri – lake suggests torture; Martinez, following along with the tradition that he is a cooler, sexier version of Obama, says no with a ripple of his iron jaw. Oh, the political commentary. This makes me realize that The Event is a Show Relevant to My Interests. Mostly because I voted for Obama and I’m slightly disappointed that he is not more like President Martinez.

The Event: To Keep Us Safe

By Keri – Oh, The Event.  You are getting tricky, giving me airplane crashes in the middle of the desert that seem to lack any tension, and another Dead Buchanan.  I may almost start being intrigued by you, with your unexpected flashes of not badness, and your continual tease with what The Event may actually be.  For example, the way you started this week’s episode?  I’m giving a golf clap here.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  And you didn’t even ruin any more chocolate cakes, clearly a step up from the pilot.

The Event: Pilot

There is a roaring noise, a TV reporter talking anxiously to her cameraman. “Keep the camera going,” she screams, loyal to the end to her journalistic creed. People are screaming and running and gracefully set tables are turned over. A very lovely chocolate cake tumbles to the ground. That’s when I knew this show was serious, because that’s White House chocolate cake we’re talking about, it ain’t no Duncan Hines ready mix. It was serious because the loss of all that chocolately goodness was not The Event.

The Event: An Epic Rebound?

By Keri – I’m afraid The Event may be my rebound show. Like FlashForward, The Event has that mysterious, epic vibe where every lift of an eyebrow is filled with tension and heavy foreboding. FlashForward was THAT show, the show that drew me in with its flashy premise and immersive world building, kept me with strong characters and then squandered it.

The Salsa Is Not “The Event” (Pilot Review)

by Josh Weiss-Roessler Saturday I had the chance to check out the Comic-Con screening and incredibly abbreviated panel for The Event, the newest attempt to create a Lost-like mythology show that actually manages to attract viewers in a Lost-like way as well. Judging from the pilot and how the writers said they want to handle […]